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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Legislation targets childhood obesity

Too little, too late, too wrong.

Another politically expedient "solution" to the childhood obesity problem.

More gym class.

Calories trump sweat every time.

More gym class will not solve the problem.

The schools won't solve the problem.

Leave it to the parents and if they fail, well, that is why there are social services.

And laws against child abuse.

Nutritional child abuse is the number one form of child abuse and parents are the number one abusers.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pharmacies giving obesity drug to slim buyers

Drug abuse faster than you can say "oily racing stripes."

And sick care workers are complicit. Imagine that.

Or are they slick care workers?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bush: fixing health care is "urgent priority"

Bridge for sale alert!

It makes no difference if you are Republican or Democrat, either party is dead wrong and you are dead if you let them implement only "health care" reform.

No amount of reform, no amount of systemic change, no amount of money will help the sick care enterprise.

Any system confronting garbage in, will invariably put garbage out.

To improve sick care, we need to put better protoplasm in. That gives us a fighting chance to make it out alive.

And at less cost.

Take back your body, take care of yourself and take politicians and sick care workers out of the equation.

"Fitness is the only real preventive medicine." tm

The politicos are there to con you into voting for them. The sick care workers are there to make a buck from your sickness.

They are not there to help you.

Deny Surgery to Obese and Smokers, Says UK Health Minister

More sensible than the headline makes it sound.

Better sick care results come from better protoplasm entering the system.

The better shape a patient is in, the better the likelihood of a better outcome.

Better get fit.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Less-intense workouts may be less effective

Idiots re-inventing the wheel alert!

When will the stupidity stop?

More wasted research time, effort and Marks by these stupid German researchers.

It has been known, like forever, that more intense endurance training yields better results than less intense training.

Instead of letting people know what works (which also has not changed in like forever), the international establishment continues to delay while people suffer from unfitness and die.

If I did not have good intestinal fortitude, all this trash would make me sick.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Breaking the Rules of Exercise

Moron with a megaphone alert!

Sadly, another Chicago-area based dangerous person (see "A Calorie Is A Calorie," below). I am almost beginning to think that Chicago is as harmful to fitness as Yale, the home of David Katz, MD and Kelly Brownell, Ph.D.

Paige Waehner's credentials? "Paige has been involved in fitness for 12 years. She is certified through ACE and trains clients in-home all over the Chicago suburbs." (see "Is Your Job Making You Fat?," below).

Paige is an exercise guru for As such, she speaks loudly and carries a small brain.

She is, in reality, an exercise hazard world-over.

In the article, "Breaking the Rules of Exercise," she makes statements as, "We have heart rate zones to guide us so we don't blow a lung."


And in answer to her self-posed question, "Do We Know Too Much?" she replies, "One reason it's so hard to figure out this weight loss/exercise thing is because of the wealth of information available."

Problem is, there is not a wealth of information, there is a wealth of mis-information like the trash she spouts.

A point-by-point analysis of this article would be very long.

Suffice it to say that if you want to succeed at any fitness goal, shun this person and anyone else who claims the title of "expert" in fitness.

In Paige's own words, "I believe that our bodies know a lot more than our minds do."

Certainly, when it comes to her mind, this is the case.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

FDA OKs first non-prescription diet pill

What will brown do to you alert!

Xenical (orlistat), known for causing oily stools and farts with excremental shrapnel, will be available in an OTC form called alli.

"The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday announced its approval of sales of the lower-dose drug without a prescription, with officials stressing that it needs to be used in combination with a diet and exercise program.

'Using this drug alone is unlikely to be beneficial,' said Charles Ganley, FDA's director of non-prescription products."

"When taken with meals the drug — known generically as orlistat — blocks the absorption of about one-quarter of any fat consumed. That fat — about 150 to 200 calories worth — is passed out of the body in stools, which can be loose as a result. About half of patients in trials experienced gastrointestinal side effects."

There is no word yet of any government-approved diapers for alli users. Until then, Depends will have to do. Stock prices for adult diaper and detergent manufacturers are predicted to rise. It is likely that younger persons will take the drug opening the market for adolescent diapers to entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is your job making you fat?

Why ACE should be dissolved.

ACE was exposed in Gina Kolata's book, Ultimate Fitness, for its shoddy approach to certification.

Here its "chief exercise physiologist" demonstrates scientific shoddiness.

"Given that many people spend a big chunk of their waking hours at work, 'your job certainly could be contributing to weight gain,' says Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise."

No one's job makes them fat (unless you are the sommelier equivalent at the Wesson or Crisco factory, maybe.)

More Calories In than Calories Out makes you fat. In fact, it will make anyone fat.

Saying that your job makes you fat is like saying that working for the park service causes mosquito bites. It does not. Mosquitoes cause mosquito bites.

More "expert" foolishness.

Monday, February 05, 2007

More kids having weight-loss surgery

The importance of this article cannot be overstated. Seriously.

"Children are only considered candidates for surgery after they have spent six months trying to lose weight through conventional methods under hospital supervision. But so far, not a single one has slimmed down enough to take surgery off the table, said Dr. Jeffrey Zitsman, associate attending surgeon at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital."

Here is some of what this article says.

First, even hospital supervised weight loss programs are doomed to fail. This is, arguably, proof of my contention that all expert diets are wrong. Supervision does not get more intense than hospital supervised, unless one is incarcerated 24/7. Hospital supervision brings the full force of the sick care system into play and it fails, by its own admission, 100% of the time.

Second, rather than look to why the system fails, the sick care establishment chooses to mutilate our children by exposing them to surgical violence.

Third, it points to parental failure to control the harmful behaviors that place children at risk and suggests that parents add to the risk.

Fourth, it patently places the responsibility of rescuing these kids on the rest of society when it is obvious that the sick care system and parents are to blame.

This sanctioned attack on children and failure of the system to correct its flaws is emblematic of the issues.

If we do not resolve these matters, we are doomed to fail in overcoming the overweight/obesity epidemic.

And that will drive the whole system under.

We must fix these flaws and withhold every penny of public payment for these lunacies.

Of the 53 kids attacked in this study, 19, or 36%, suffered complications.

"Of the patients who participated in the NYU study, two needed a second operation to adjust a slipping band; two developed hernias; five got an infection; five suffered mild hair loss and four had iron deficiencies related to their new diet. After the study was complete, one patient asked to have her band removed because of discomfort, said Evan Nadler, a pediatric surgeon and co-author of the study.

Nadler said those complications were minor compared to the chronic diabetes and cardiovascular disease teens would face if they remained that heavy into adulthood."

And the researchers then lie. It is an absolute physical impossibility not to lose weight if one consumes fewer Calories than one burns. Impossible. So these kids could not have "tried everything they could possibly try." How desperate is the sick care system that it is willing to earn dollars at the cost of physically disfiguring children?

"'These are people who have tried everything they could possibly try,' he said, noting that their mean weight at the study's start was 297 pounds. 'Once they reach this level of morbid obesity, the vast majority go on to be obese adults,' he said.

Thomas Wadden, an obesity expert at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, said surgery can be of immense benefit to some teens, especially those already experiencing health problems.

But he also advised caution.

Egged on by TV shows and commercials expounding the benefits of weight-loss surgery, adult patients have begun showing up at Penn's Center for Weight and Eating Disorders demanding an operation as an easy first step to thinness.

'When we ask them, 'What have you done so far to lose weight?' The patients say, 'Nothing,'' Wadden said. 'They're going right to a $25,000 operation for which they are ill-prepared.'"

Friday, February 02, 2007

Bush urges parents to get kids outdoors

No, no, no.

"President Bush said Thursday that childhood obesity is a costly problem for the country and puts stress on American families.

'One way for this nation to cope with the issue of obesity is to get people outside — whether it be through sports or hiking or conservation,' Bush said while meeting with business leaders working to encourage exercise and healthy food choices through advertising."

"Exercise" is not the cure for obesity.

If you are 5 pounds overweight and it is fatty weight, you have to run the equivalent of 175 miles to burn it off, assuming you eat nothing. For each 100 Calories you absorb, you have to run one more mile.

But 5 pounds overweight is not obese. Let's try 20 pounds.

Then you have to run a mere 700 miles or its equivalent.

Not much time for homework.

"Exercise" is the LEAST efficient way to lose weight.

Just like the insipid DGA 2005 exercise recommendations, this one is also loopy.

There are other, better reasons to be outdoors and active. But to control obesity, only the recommendation is a loser, not the exerciser.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Greek cancer 'cure' sparks frenzy

Are Oprah, The View, etc. aired in Greece?

"The health ministry's anger over the elixir is mainly directed at populist TV chat shows that have featured elderly cancer sufferers telling viewers of their recovery after drinking the 'medicine'."

Seems as if other countries suffer from medicine-practicing talk show morons, too. Just wondering if they are homegrown or exports.

A Calorie Is a Calorie

More stupidity from ABC alert!

This article by Janet Helm is a good example of what happens when a know nothing authors an article edited by someone who knows even less.

"Losing a pound a week translates to a 3500 calorie deficit or 500 fewer calories a day..."

This is proof that some brains are composed substantially, if not entirely, of excrement.

Don't believe her, the sick care/diet establishment and their merchandising partners.

Don't join their crowd.