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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Low Levels of a Brain Chemical May Lead to Obesity

The chemical is called Smarts.
"Low blood levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the wake of genetic deletion may lead to obesity, a study of a rare genetic disorder found."
Get some Smarts, fatsos.

Fat Itself is Unhealthy in Obese Patients

Imagine that.
"The fat in obese patients is not as healthy as that in leaner individuals, researchers found."
Not only are you calorically irresponsible, fat people, i.e., you don't do eating properly, but you can't even add the right fat to your bodies.

Kudos, fatsos.

Antipsychotic drugs double stroke risk: study

Still think they will find a safe drug "cure" for your overfatness?
"People taking antipsychotic drugs are nearly twice as likely to have a stroke compared to those not on the treatment, British researchers reported on Friday.

The risk is even higher -- about 3.5 times -- for men and women with dementia, which means doctors should only prescribe such medicine to these patients as a last resort, the researchers said.

Previously, stroke risk associated with older antipsychotic drugs was unclear but the study published in the British Medical Journal showed both old and new treatments carry increased risk."
You must be psychotic.

Cost blowout from obesity epidemic

Kudos, fatsos.
"The health problems associated with obesity are well known. Now there are some alarming revelations about the economic cost of carrying too much weight.

Access Economics says the cost of dealing with obese Australians has blown out to $58-billion a year. That's nearly three times the cost just three years ago.

And it's also billions of dollars more than the estimated cost of drug and alcohol abuse to Australia's health system."
And it is happening elsewhere, too.

Like in the USA where so-called health care reform is nothing more than a costly boondoggle.

Where the USA is apparently facing a multi-billion/multi-trillion financial meltdown. (and possibly elsewhere)

Where a $700 billion bailout is relative chump change to a system that spends about 3 times that amount for a silly sick care system.

Want to solve the financial problems, save some lives and improve the lives of many?

Here are some places to start getting "contributions" by recovering IMHO stolen money and blood money:
1. Cut all "investment" in overweight/obesity research. What causes it and fixes it is known with absolute certainty.
2. Do not pay anything from the public coffers for drugs and procedures to "cure" the overfat. They are malpractice and do not worl.
3. Tax the fat more and make them pay their fair share of the costs for their calorically irresponsible behaviors, e.g., pay more for air travel.
4. Have the fat pay more for "health" insurance, as they cost more since they develop costly diseases of choice.
5. Stop all business wellness programs, since they are doomed to fail, just as all weight loss programs do. Then implement programs that have a chance of succeeding.
6. Stop paying more for "healthy" foods in schools. There are no "healthy" foods, there is only eating healthily. No special foods are needed to eat healthily.
7. Enforce CAPTA, especially holding mandatory reporters accountable, e.g., apply the law to docs, teachers, sick care workers, school principals and others who fail to report nutritional child abuse.
8. Because of the risks associated with fat people having kids, both to the fat adult and the unlucky child, discourage fat people from having children and when they do, have them pay more.
9. Cease all advertising of weight loss products, programs, "health" foods, etc., based on the conventional stupidity (e.g., BestLife, Zone, WeightWatchers, You: On A Diet, Fat Smash and others)
10. Hold the IMHO Robber Barons of the diet industry accountable for their misdeeds, including suing them for recovery of money they IMHO fraudulently took from the public and jail time for the harm they knew or should have known they were causing. IMHO, this includes (the list is not exhaustive):
Oprah Winfrey,
Mehmet Oz,
Barry Sears,
David Katz,
Jorge Cruise,
David Zinczenko,
Bob Greene,
Kelly Brownell,
Art Agatston,
Diet Book Publishers (e.g., Simon and Schuster),
Media Broadcast Companies,
Sick Care Institutions,
Big Pharma,
The AMA,
Commercial Weight Loss Programs/Clinics (e.g. WeightWatchers),
Companies displaying the South Beach Diet or BestLife seals on their products,
"Health" Periodical Publishers (e.g., Rodale) and
Now that is a good start.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Prevention Needed To Trim The Fat, Australian Medical Association

News flash! This doc is a moron.
"Australian Medical Association President, Dr Rosanna Capolingua, said that findings in a new report show the obesity epidemic is costing the nation $58 billion a year and confirms that many Australians are suffering significant health problems due to obesity. "
At the outset, if you prevent, what is there to trim?

Nonetheless...there is this canard:
"'The factors that contribute to obesity are complex and diverse. There are no 'quick fix' solutions, and the key to success will be in a multi-faceted approach.'"
There is one factor and one factor only that results in overweight/obesity - more Calories in than out.
"Dr Capolingua said doctors play an important role in health advice, monitoring and assessing disease risk, prevention and assisting and managing the individual's particular circumstances in regard to obesity."
Clearly, docs, until they get the absolute basics right, have NO role to play. Except to stay on the sidelines and shut-up.

Especially since overweight/obesity are not medical conditions and no medical "solution" exists.
"'It is vital that individuals are not stigmatized but that they are supported and afforded the dignity of what for some, can be a very difficult issue.

'Doctors play a vital role in early intervention, but help for our overweight community must be backed up with government intervention. Public health programs, changes to food marketing and advertising, food labelling and taxation measures, along with urban planning regulations to make leisure options more accessible for ordinary people are all vitally important.' she said. "
It is vital that fat people are told they are fat. And if it hurts their feelings, too bad. Lose the weight, fatso.

It is vital that their diseases of choice are paid for by them and not the rest of society.

And if doctors played "a vital role in early intervention" then why are so many people so damned fat?

This friggin' Aussie imbecile has no clue about what she is saying re: overweight/obesity.

The first thing the AMA should do is get rid of this idiot.

NYC Area's First Patient Receives New Incision-Free Weight Loss Surgery

Making IMHO malpractice easier to commit.
"The first patient in the New York City area received incision free surgery for obesity as part of the ongoing multicenter TOGA Pivotal Trial at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center."
Crap by another other name still smells like s**t.

Social factors key to ill health

On the road to almost correct.
"Social factors - rather than genetics - are to blame for huge variations in ill health and life expectancy around the world, a report concludes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has carried out a three-year analysis of the "social determinants" of health."
When it comes to overweight/obesity, those "social factors" are personal choice and personal irresponsibility.

Unfortunately, the article, which is based on a WHO report, is full of other crap politicizing the matter with WHO's obvious agenda.
"The report, drawn up by an eminent panel of experts forming the WHO's Commission on the Social Determinants of Health, found that, in almost all countries, poor socioeconomic circumstances equated to poor health."
Wrong re: overweight/obesity, as it likely has to be since "an eminent panel of experts" was involved.

When it comes to overweight/obesity, they are not caused by poverty. Rather they cause poverty.

Overweight/obesity caused poverty is called poveresity.

So, congrats on trying to disabuse the world of the "it's my genetics crutch."

But, shame on you for trying to blame matters of personal irresponsibility on a political agenda.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Avoid costly bottles; use water from your tap

More on the poveresity epidemic.
"We've pinched and reorganized our household budgets. But we still often overpay for commercially bottled water. On an annual basis, the typical American consumer spends $1,400 on bottled water vs. 49 cents for the same amount of water from our kitchen faucet, according to the Center for a New American Dream, a nonprofit consumer group in Maryland.

Bottled water does not taste better, according to blind taste tests, and tap water must meet stricter safety measures. New American Dream has just launched a national educational campaign designed to promote filtered water from the kitchen sink."
This is indicative of how the IMHO Robber Barons of the Diet Industry, e.g., Barry Sears, Jorge Cruise, David Katz, NutriSystem, etc., make their gazillions off of regular folk by charging huge amounts for BS.

To understand how these IMHO crooks are robbing people, see here.

100-Calorie Pack Misconceptions Of 'Diet Food'

"Beware of mini-packs and mini-foods, especially if you're a dieter.

Chronic dieters tend to consume more calories when foods and packages are smaller, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. Authors Maura L. Scott, Stephen M. Nowlis, Naomi Mandel, and Andrea C. Morales (all Arizona State University) examined consumer behavior regarding "mini-packs," 100-calorie food packages that are marketed to help people control calorie intake.

'Interestingly, one group that over-consumes the mini-packs is chronic dieters - individuals constantly trying to manage their weight and food intake,' write the authors. "

It is not "interesting."

It is predictable.

Fatsos are calorically out of control.

Offering them unsatisfying-with-certainty portions of high-Calorie delights cannot lead to what is really needed - self-restraint.

These "death by 100 Calories at a time packs" will never result in weight loss for just about everyone.

Bad weight loss idea.

Great marketing concept.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Worst-Conceived Fitness Plans Ever

Are the ones from ABCNews and their experts, the IMHO scum who brought you this article.

See here, here, here, here, here, here and here, for starters.

Childhood Obesity Bad for Business

Kudos, fatsos.
"According to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), in 2005 37 percent of New Jersey residents were overweight and 22 percent were obese. The 2005 New Jersey Student Health Survey conducted by the New Jersey Department of Education found that 12 percent of ninth- to 12-graders were overweight and another 15 percent were at risk for becoming overweight, and a 2004 study conducted by the New Jersey Departments of Health and Senior Services and Education found that 20 percent of sixth-graders evaluated were obese and another 18 percent were overweight. The boys showed higher obesity levels as compared to girls, and the prevalence of obesity is significantly higher among blacks. [See Fig. 2] (Fig. 2 omitted)

So what does childhood obesity have to do with business? Well, for starters, there are the health issues and related costs associated with health care. Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer and other serious illnesses are directly related to or exacerbated by being overweight or obese."

Stop the more than likely to be fat parents from killing their kids and businesses, too.

Early ear infections may pack on pounds later

This crap...again. Now from MSNBC.
"Adults who struggle with a sweet tooth or battle a lifelong craving for bacon may have something more than weak willpower to blame — at least those with a history of chronic childhood ear infections.

A series of new studies presented this month by taste and hearing experts suggests that repeated infections may damage a vital taste-sensing nerve in kids, perking a preference for rich foods and making them prone to weight gain later."
One thing it cannot be is overeating.

I mean, how can you have any control over your consumption when you have a history of an ear infection as a kid?

But not just any history.
"People with a serious history of childhood ear infections appear to be about 70 percent more likely to be obese than those with no history of infections, according to preliminary research at the University of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville."
A "serious history."

So don't joke about it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Australia's Wake-Up Call - Obesity Costs Now At $58 Billion Type 2 Diabetes Crisis

Kudos, fatsos.
"A new Access Economics Report commissioned by Diabetes Australia has found that 3.71 million Australians are obese with a current estimated cost to the nation of $58 billion.

The report titled "Growing economic costs of obesity in 2008" reveals that there has been a 137% increase since 2005 in the number of Australians who have type 2 diabetes as a result of being obese.

The total cost of obesity includes $8.3 billion in financial costs and $49.9 billion in the value of lost wellbeing, which accounts for years of healthy life lost through disability and /or premature death.

Commenting on the report, National President of Diabetes Australia Dr Gary Deed said, 'These new figures are tragic and frightening and represent a wake-up call for the nation. They show that previous estimates of the epidemic's size and cost were very much understated. The obesity epidemic in Australia is having a direct and catastrophic influence on increasing the incidence of type 2 diabetes. We know that obesity and type 2 diabetes can be prevented and we need to make fundamental changes in the way we live to arrest the escalating crisis. The report underlines the need to shift our focus on health and wellbeing and make prevention our priority.'"

First you need to focus on the bad diet advice offered. Especially that from your own moron dietitians and docs. (e.g., see here, here, here, here and here)

Then you need to focus on not paying for fat people's diseases of choice.

These will make the difference.

Toxic metals found in Ayurvedic meds sold online

Still think you know what a healthy alternative/complementary "medicine" is?
"Traditional Ayurvedic medicines manufactured in the United States and India and sold via the Internet may contain unacceptable levels of lead, mercury or arsenic, researchers warn in a report released Tuesday."


Survey finds causes of cancer little understood

Excusinators in the cancer domain.
"People in rich and poor countries alike have faulty understanding of what causes cancer and need better education on how to ward off the disease, according to an authoritative report issued on Wednesday.

In all parts of the world there is more willingness to believe that factors out of individual control, like air pollution, rather than life-style choices like heavy eating and drinking of alcohol, are the main dangers, the report said."
Just like the fat morons who think they are fat because of someone else and the weight loss expert liars who support that nonsense.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Low LDL Cholesterol, but Not Statin Use, Associated With an Increased Risk of Cancer

Remember the part where they told us that low LDL (bad cholesterol) is good and high LDL is bad?
"'We found that there is indeed an association, that the lower the LDL cholesterol, the higher the risk of cancer,' senior investigator Dr Richard Karas (Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA) told heartwire. 'Despite the LDL-lowering capacity of statins, however, the data are quite reassuring that statins don't increase the risk of cancer.'"
"Quite reassuring."

So why the higher incidence of cancer?
"Commenting on the findings, Steinberg, an advocate of pushing LDL-cholesterol levels to as low 50 mg/dL to prevent cardiovascular disease, agrees with the investigators about the safety of statin therapy, noting that statins had 'nothing to do with' the cancer risk observed with the low levels of LDL cholesterol. Untreated subjects, he points out, had the same 'low-LDL/higher-cancer-risk' relationship as those treated with statins, and the epidemiologic correlation should not be interpreted as a causal connection.

To account for the association between low LDL cholesterol and cancer risk, Steinberg believes this is the 'unsuspected-sickness phenomenon,' with cholesterol levels lowered by subclinical disease. He notes that cancers can significantly lower cholesterol levels almost a decade before they surface clinically. 'The randomly recruited cohorts in the large statin trials undoubtedly included some subjects who had low LDL levels at the time they entered the study because they already had cancer,' writes Steinberg. 'Low LDL is the result, not the cause, of cancer.'"
Who knows?

But whatever it is, it has "nothing to do" with statins and is likely due to the dreaded "unsuspected-sickness phenomenon."


Still trust these folks to find a "cure" for your too-fatness?

If you do, you have the dreaded "suspected-moron phenomenon."

Obesity In Later Life Leads To Increased Risks Of Disability But Not Of Dying - And To 'a Ticking Time Bomb' For Health And Social Services

Kudos, fatsos.
"Research carried out at the Peninsula Medical School in the South West of England has discovered that obesity in later life does not make a substantial difference to risks of death among older people but that it is a major contributor to increased disability in later life - creating a ticking time bomb for health services in developed countries."
Crawl, limp, waddle, etc., out from wherever you are and move to Fatopia where you can group-enjoy the results of your choice to overeat Calories without burdening the calorically responsible.

BTW, nothing increases the risk of death.

Death is 100% certain.

Small packages trick some into eating more

Clearly, they are "tricked" into eating more.
"If you think buying junk food in small packages will help you eat less, look out — marketers know the truth.

Two new marketing studies found that some people tend to consume more calories when junk food portions and packages are smaller. For some, it's because they perceive small packages to be — get this — diet food."
For all, it is because they are idiots.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Burning incense linked to respiratory cancers

Hare Krishnoma!
"Burning incense may create a sweet scent, but regularly inhaling the smoke could put people at risk of cancers of the respiratory tract, researchers reported Monday.

In a study of more than 61,000 ethnic Chinese living in Singapore who were followed for up to 12 years, the investigators found a link between heavy incense use and various respiratory cancers."

Or whatever the Buddhist equivalent is.

Obesity Linked to Risk for Colorectal Adenoma

Kudos, fatsos.
"Obesity is associated with the risk for colorectal adenoma, and body weight reduction is suggested to decrease this risk, according to the results of a retrospective cohort study reported in the August issue of the American Journal of Gastroenterology."
You made yourselves sick in your a-hos.

America's Unhealthiest Grocery Shoppers

More proof that there is no such thing as a "healthy" food.
"Every week Americans head to the grocery store knowing what should fill their carts — fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods packed with whole grains.

Yet many end up walking out with bags full of sugary cookies, a couple of frozen meat lovers' pizzas and liters of soda.

This happens most in the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington metro area, where shoppers spend 11.47 percent of their yearly grocery bill on unhealthy items (the national average is 8.5 percent). In second-place Richmond, Va., that number drops slightly, to 11.45 percent..."
Of interest is the fact that these top two "unhealthy" shopping cities are in states that rank below most other states in the recent report demonstrating:
"adult obesity rates increased in 37 states in the past year, according to the fifth annual F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies Are Failing in America, 2008 report from the Trust for America's Health (TFAH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)."
Minnesota ranks 30th and Virginia is tied for 27/28.

Bottom line: there are no "healthy" foods, there is only eating healthily.

There is, however, BS. And plenty of it to go around from the experts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 ways eating breakfast helps kids

From the IMHO nutritional homicide maniac and Oprah expert, Michael Roizen, comes this crap and image:

This is not the way.

Synthetic Moleculues (sic) Could Add Spice To Fight Against Cancer

Probably a bad idea. Definitely bad spelling.
"Turning up the heat on the red tomato during processing has the potential to give the popular garden staple added disease-fighting power, Ohio State University research suggests.

Scientists have found that lycopene molecules in tomatoes that are combined with fat and subjected to intense heat during processing are restructured in a way that appears to ease their transport into the bloodstream and tissue. The tomato is the primary food source of lycopene, a naturally occurring pigment linked to the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases.

In its standard structure in the average red tomato, the lycopene molecule is laid out in a linear configuration. That structure seems to hinder the molecule's absorption through intestinal walls and into the blood, said Steven Schwartz, an investigator in Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center and a professor of food science and technology at Ohio State.

Meanwhile, most of the lycopene that is found circulating in human blood is configured in a bent molecular form. This means that either the human body somehow transforms lycopene molecules through reactions that have yet to be identified, or that the bent molecular structures of lycopene are much more likely to be absorbed into the blood and transported to tissue - a necessary step in preventing disease.

Assuming the latter is true, Schwartz and colleagues have devised a way to process red tomatoes - the variety preferred by American consumers - into a sauce that contains bent molecular forms of lycopene. A clinical trial conducted in collaboration with Steven Clinton, a medical oncologist and physician scientist in Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center, showed that people had more lycopene in their blood after eating the specially processed sauce than they did after eating regular red tomato sauce."
More Frankenfoods?


The Older The Fatter: Longitudinal Study About Overweight Children

Nutritional child abuse - the harm that keeps on harming.
"The first results already show: the older the children the fatter they are. Whereas the BMI was quite in relation at birth, Prof. Dr. G√ľnter Eissing discovered that at the age of one, the percentage of children with an increased BMI was already higher. At the age of three, 22 percent of the boys and eleven percent of the girls are to be classified as overweight. Eleven percent of the boys and seven percent of the girls are considered to be adipose. Other studies show that at the age of six the number of overweight children increases once again."
Save the children.

Punish the abusers.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Obesity 'raises miscarriage risk'

A terrible price to pay to keep the youngest from being nutritionally abused after they are born.
"Women who have had a miscarriage could be at greater risk of miscarrying again if they are obese, research suggests.

A team from London's St Mary's Hospital followed the progress of 696 women whose miscarriages were classed as "unexplained" by a specialist clinic.

The team told a conference in Canada the risk of a further miscarriage was raised by 73% if the woman was obese."
Children of fat parents become fat with near certainty.

This exposes them to many risks.
"However, an obesity specialist said it was potentially dangerous to try to lose weight when already pregnant.

Although the links between being obese and having problems conceiving and complications during pregnancy are well known, this study claims to be the first to look specifically at 'recurrent' miscarriage, for which there is often no obvious cause."
Rather than pay for weight loss surgeries and drugs, it is arguably a better idea to implant long-acting contraceptive meds in these women or reversibly surgerize them to prevent conception and embryonal/fetal/child abuse.
"Dr Nick Finer, an endocrinologist with an interest in obesity from Addenbrooke's Hospital near Cambridge, said that the findings were 'unsurprising'.

'We already know that the chances of fertility are less with increasing BMI, the risks of foetal malformation increase, alongside the risks of other adverse pregnancy outcomes.'"
Stop the nutritional child abuse.

And if you are intending to get pregnant or have children, check out "Fit To Parent (tm)," a program I started years ago and, to the best of my knowledge, was the first of its kind - a program to teach parents and parents-to-be how to get fit and raise fit kids.

Think about the children and do it for your kids.

At the very least, give them a chance.

As School Starts Again, Moms Express Nutrition Concerns - Yet Real Culprits Often Overlooked

A rare attack of partial sensibility.
"A recent national survey revealed that moms are more concerned with individual ingredients rather than their children's overall caloric intake. Since total calories typically determine weight gain and even obesity, parents must understand the basic nutritional facts to keep their kids healthy."
Absolutely true.

Unfortunately, this is not:
"'No single food or ingredient is the cause of obesity or overweight children,' said Dr. Rippe. 'Eating too many calories and getting too little exercise causes it.'"
The second part of this is wrong.

There is absolutely no reason to "exercise" for weight loss if you control caloric intake.

Besides being terribly inefficient, "exercise" will almost never lead to weight loss and will not lead to improved fitness with near certainty.

Plus, it simply turns many off from weight loss.

So close and yet so far.

Too bad.

Obese Rats Successfully Treated With Addiction Drug

Gambling epileptic rats cured!
"US scientists testing the epilepsy drug vigabatrin (GVG) as a potential treatment for drug addiction, discovered that it also led to rapid weight loss and reduced food intake in genetically bred obese rats."
But will it work on fat pigs who are not bred to be obese, but choose to be obese and gamble with their lives and the lives of their children?

I bet not.

A Ticking Time Bomb For Health Services: Obesity In The Elderly

Kudos, fatsos.

What? You can't hear?

"Dr Iain Lang, who led the research from the Peninsula Medical School, commented: '...all older people who are overweight are at significantly increased risk of developing problems with mobility and carrying out everyday tasks.'

He added: 'This research is important because a growing proportion of the population is aged 65 or over, and more and more of these older people are overweight. In fact, in most developed countries middle-aged and elderly adults are more likely to be obese than people in any other age group. These findings have huge significance for the delivery of health care, both now and in the future. Increasing numbers of older people and higher levels of overweight and obesity will lead to a greater burden of disability and ill health and place an immense strain on health and social services. The issue is likely to get worse as time goes on and represents a ticking time bomb for health services around the world.'"
No strain if we don't pay for them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Researchers Find Cause Of Severe Metabolic Disorders

More research bulls**t.
"A healthy body stores fat in the form of so-called triglycerides in specialized fatty tissue as an energy reserve. Under certain conditions the delicate balance of the lipid metabolism gets out of control and fat is accumulated in the liver, leading to the dreaded fatty liver. This increases the risk of many metabolic diseases, such as the metabolic syndrome known as "deadly quartet". This combination of fatty liver, obesity, diabetes and hypertension is regarded as the primary cause of life-threatening vascular events such as myocardial infarction and stroke.

It was still unknown which conditions cause the body to deposit fat in the liver."
"[S]till unknown which conditions cause the body to deposit fat in the liver"?

Try overeating Calories as the condition that causes the body to deposit fat, morons.

The Deadly Economics Of The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Kudos, fatsos.
"According to the Children's International Obesity Foundation (CIOF), an acknowledged authority and voice regarding childhood obesity, the short-term financial benefits and incentives for fattening up children are making childhood obesity into a profit opportunity for too many, and at the ultimate expense of children's lives."
Right observation, wrong conclusion.
"'The obvious question is, 'if we, as a decent society know this, why aren't we doing something to reverse the epidemic?'

'The answer is chilling,' said Castle. 'Too many companies, agencies and even foundations are simply making too much money by keeping kids fat. The snack food and beverage giants, the pharmaceutical companies, the pop-psychologists, the clothing manufacturers, the fad diet pundits -- even some unscrupulous healthcare providers and foundations which are actually just puppets for these same special interest groups are getting richer and richer by feeding off of this epidemic.'"
The answer is not the companies.

The answer is child-abusing parents and mandatory reporters who break the law.

No one is forcing fat, porcine parents to overfeed their children.

No one is enforcing the laws on the books that require mandatory reporters, such as doctors and teachers, to do their duties.

No one is preventing children from purchasing food items via Gram Shop Acts.

But everyone is wringing their hands.

Stop the child abuse. Hold the adults accountable.

Oddball spa treatments

"It used to be that nightingales, fish and snakes were just considered part of nature’s majesty, nothing more than elements of the great outdoors that could be enjoyed by those with a penchant for all things wild and wonderful. That was before a few clever spa practitioners decided to get creative, blending the sometimes quirky benefits of the animal kingdom with the nurturing needs of curious spa-goers.

Gone are the days of simple cold cream and Swedish massage. Nowadays, ailments like sore muscles, lank locks and sallow skin are being remedied with the likes of nightingale excrement facials, full-body fish therapy, snake massages and — yes — preheated golf balls."
When you have s**t for brains, why not have some for a facial?
"'Spa culture has moved from basic treatments, such as uncomplicated facials and massages, to a growth industry where, it seems, anything goes, from a cornmeal scrub to products with unexpected ingredients, such as maple syrup,' says Pam Price, spa consultant and co-author of '100 Best Spas of the World.' 'The sky is the limit as to what spa-goers will pay for a trendy treatment.' But do they work? Price advises, 'Ask the therapist about the ingredients and find out if any studies are available to deny or confirm what the treatment promises to accomplish.'"
"Spa culture"?

Maybe "the sky is the limit as to what spa-goers will pay for a trendy treatment."

It also appears as if the sky is the limit for how stupid people are.

Just like they are about overweight/obesity.

And BTW, you are still ugly.

And fat.

DHEA may not boost brain power, well-being

Another one bites the dust.
"The hormone supplement DHEA is touted as an anti-aging panacea, but a new study suggests that it does nothing for healthy older adults' brain power or general well-being.

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that is converted into other steroid hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. People's levels of DHEA naturally peak during their 20s, then taper off as they age. Because of this, over-the-counter synthetic DHEA supplements are marketed as a weapon against the effects of aging."
DHEA and other supplements are not for those serious about anti-aging.

If you really want to prevent aging, try lead therapy.

About one ounce, right between the eyes.


Your choice.

This will prevent aging.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Effectiveness Of Steroids Reduced In Obese Asthma Patients

Kudos, fatsos.
"Researchers at National Jewish Health have shown that glucocorticoids, the primary controller medication for asthma, are 40 percent less effective in overweight and obese asthma patients than in those of normal weight."
It's enough to leave you breathless.
"This study identifies what could be a significant issue for the 20 million Americans with asthma; specifically, the main controller medication might be less effective if you are overweight or obese,' said Dr. Sutherland. 'These findings should spur doctors to carefully evaluate response to treatment in overweight and obese asthmatics and consider optimizing therapeutic regimens as indicated. We also hope they will spur additional research into the treatment of obese patients with asthma.'"
"Additional research into the treatment of obese patients"?

Try weight loss, idiot.

Body Contouring Surgery Risk Rises With Increased Body Mass Index

Another reason to deny fat people certain procedures for their own protection.
"A recent study investigating the relationship between complications of body contouring surgery and body mass index has confirmed an increase in the occurrence of such complications with worsening degree of obesity. Findings from the study are published in the July/August 2008 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the peer-reviewed publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)."
Subjecting a patient, fat or not, to an elective procedure knowing that they are at a significantly increased risk of complications is both wrong and malpractice.

Patients, fat or not, deserve protection from this.

Incidence Of GERD, Colorectal Cancer Increase With Body Mass

Kudos, fatsos.
"The prevalence of obesity and overweight in the United States coupled by the increased risk of gastrointestinal diseases related to obesity raises serious implications for the health of Americans. Several scientific studies in the August issue of The American Journal of Gastroenterology examine the association between obesity and the risk of colorectal cancer and gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD."
Bad omen for the rest of us, unless the fatsos reflux the food they eat back onto their plates and shed some pounds.

One in five take drugs 'wrongly'

A hint to why people take diet advice from a fatso like Oprah and her chosen experts. (see here, here, here and here)
"Almost one in five people say they have taken prescription medicines wrongly, a survey has suggested.

The poll of almost 2,000 people for Lloydspharmacy found many misread labels - and take the wrong dose or take drugs at the wrong time.

One man whose asthma was triggered by his cat sprayed the animal with the inhaler, as a 'cure' for his symptoms."
Idiot-proofing is impossible.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Coffee creamer faulted as putting infants at risk

Same false logical break as fat people get.
"A brand of coffee creamer that features a logo of a mother bear and cub is being mistakenly fed to infants whose parents think it is a substitute for breast milk, according to researchers in Laos.

Reporting in the medical journal BMJ, they warn that Nestle's Bear Brand coffee creamer is misleading to parents who do not understand the product labeling."
It has got to be the fault of the manufacturer "misleading" parents so they feed coffee creamer to their likely to be as stupid as they are children.

I mean, it only says "Beverage Creamer."

But for these morons, like fatso morons, it has to be the fault of anyone else but the consumer.

If you are that stupid (or fat), don't have kids.

That way they will not end up being abused by you.

New Reasons To Avoid Grapefruit And Other Juices When Taking Certain Drugs

Well this is not conflicting. The same "healthy" foods increase and decrease absorption of drugs.
"Scientists and consumers have known for years that grapefruit juice can increase the absorption of certain drugs - with the potential for turning normal doses into toxic overdoses. Now, the researcher who first identified this interaction is reporting new evidence that grapefruit and other common fruit juices, including orange and apple, can do the opposite effect by substantially decreasing the absorption of other drugs, potentially wiping out their beneficial effects."

Still think they have a friggin' idea of what a "healthy" food is?

B Vitamins Come Up Empty Again for Secondary Heart Disease Prevention

Witch doctoring fails again. (Same as "real" medicine.)
"For patients with coronary artery disease, homocysteine-lowering B vitamins may do little to prevent cardiovascular events, researchers here found.

The risk of major cardiovascular adverse events was not diminished by either the combination of folic acid and vitamin B12 (P=0.36) or vitamin B6 (P=0.28) compared with patients not taking these vitamins, reported Marta Ebbing, M.D., of Haukeland University Hospital, and colleagues here in the Aug. 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Despite a substantial 30% reduction in homocysteine levels with the vitamins in the randomized trial, the researchers cautioned against use for secondary prevention in patients with coronary artery disease."
Guess you will just have to rely on plain old fitness to keep your heart healthy.

Bariatric Surgery May Improve Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Fatball person gets miracle cure!

"Bariatric surgery improves obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but it is the condition's severity that determines if sleep apnea will resolve, not bariatric surgery, according to the results of a study reported in the August 15 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine."
Another failing of the malpractice known as bariatric surgery.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Half of normal-weight adults may still be too fat

If sick care has its way, you will never be right.
"People with body mass indexes (BMI) that fall into the normal range may still have to be concerned about obesity, a cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic warns.

Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez and his colleagues recently reported that people with normal BMIs but excess body fat were more likely to have high cholesterol, excess belly fat and other characteristics of the metabolic syndrome, a set of symptoms that puts people at greater risk of heart disease and diabetes. BMI is the ratio of height to weight that is frequently used to determine if an individual is over-weight or under-weight.

This condition, which Lopez-Jimenez and his team have termed 'normal-weight obesity,' was extremely common; they found it in 61 percent of a sample of 2,127 men and women with normal BMIs.

'It seems like it affects adults of all ages, men and women, and pretty much all races, according to our subgroup analysis,' the researcher told Reuters Health. 'The problem affects pretty much everybody.'"
Of course, another spin is that anything that "affects pretty much everybody" is called "normal."

Still there is a likelihood that soft, flabby normal-weight people are set-ups for some problems, though not as severe as the ones fat, flabby, high BMI people get.

Whatever. Perfection is a very tough standard.

Especially to those who make money from it, like these docs. As long as you are not perfect, they will sell you drugs, surgeries, office visits, hospital admissions, etc.

All for "your own good," not theirs.


And speaking of imperfect, know that Mayo is one home of the IMHO Executioners' Diet that is the conventional wisdom of the sick care industry, AdipOprah and her experts and others.

Of course, another spin on Execution Dieting is that it is perfect - failure is guaranteed and you end-up perfectly sicker which is perfect for the sick care industry that makes its money from sick people.

Another imperfection.
"He and his colleagues are now investigating what people with normal-weight obesity can do to replace their excess body fat with lean mass."
It is not possible to replace fat with lean.

It is only possible to burn fat and build lean.

Of course, another spin on this advice is that it is perfectly foolish and is guaranteed to fail and you end-up perfectly sicker which is perfect for the sick care industry that makes its money from sick people.

Remember, Mayo is the home of IMHO killers and fitness morons.

And as for what to do?

Do this.

Speed diet: Women using ADD drugs to get thin

Another gotta love it approach, using ADD to SUBTRACT.
"On the patio of the Sunset Tower Hotel overlooking the Hollywood Hills, on the kind of sun-blinded afternoon Raymond Chandler made famous, Amanda F.* and I are eating. Well, one of us is eating. And it's not Amanda. "I took my Adderall about an hour before I got here," says the television producer as she picks at her crab salad. "If I hadn't taken it, I would have inhaled the table."

Amanda has been diagnosed with adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD), for which Adderall, an amphetamine that paradoxically allows ADD patients to slow down and concentrate, is an accepted treatment. But for her there's a notable and seductive side effect: For a body that has fluctuated between a size 14 and a size 2, Adderall — along with yoga and chain-smoking — has helped her maintain a size 6...

'When a high-profile celeb suddenly drops a lot of weight, the rumors start that she's on A,' notes Kym Douglas, who co-wrote “The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets" (Plume). 'It isn't a secret among people like the top stylists and makeup artists who work with celebrities." Indeed, several wispy young starlets have been rumored to have prescriptions for the drug.'

Since 2002, the number of prescriptions for all amphetamine-based drugs used to treat ADD — including Concerta and Strattera — have skyrocketed. Sales for Adderall XR (extended release) have more than doubled in the past five years, from 4.2 million in 2002 to 9.5 million in 2007, according to IMS Health, a health-care information company. And online, Adderall ranks right up there with Viagra in most-hawked pharmaceuticals on the Internet..."

I think not.

More like SDD - Smarts Deficit Defect.

"Good" fat may be new weapon in obesity fight

Gotta love this one. Turning one type of tissue into another. Maybe they will be able to turn their s**t for brains into real brains. (and see the morons from Mayo article above)
"A new understanding of the origins of brown fat cells -- the "good" kind of fat that burns energy and keeps us warm -- may lead to new treatments for obesity, two research teams reported on Wednesday.

Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston said they used a single molecular switch to turn immature muscle cells into brown fat cells in the lab, suggesting that brown fat may be more akin to muscle cells than conventional white fat cells."
What can brown do for you?

I bet it will harm you.

Nano-food fears: Scientists say ‘size matters’

Good science, wrong application for now.
"Those consumers already worried about genetically engineered or cloned food reaching their tables may soon find something else in their grocery carts to furrow their brows over: nano-foods.

Consumer advocates...said food produced by using nanotechnology is quietly coming onto the market, and they want U.S. authorities to force manufacturers to identify them.

Nanotechnology involves the design and manipulation of materials on molecular scales, smaller than the width of a human hair and invisible to the naked eye."
Nanotechnology should be used for portioning food to fat people - nanoportions.

That would be a good application of good science.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Low testosterone seen in men with type 2 diabetics (sic)

Er, Type 2 DIABETES, that is.
"Many young men with type 2 diabetes have abnormally low levels of testosterone, new research shows.

Their lack of the hormone may have "profound" implications for their sexual and reproductive health, Dr. Paresh Dandona of the State University of New York at Buffalo and his colleagues warn. 'Whatever else is happening with diabetes and heart disease ... gross sexual dysfunction and infertility could be part of the story,' Dandona told Reuters Health in an interview."

Let's hope so.

Type 2 diabetes is fat person diabetes.

Let us hope that the low testosterone keeps them from having children since these kids will almost certainly be nutritionally abused.

Besides, who wants to have sex with a fat man? Even if they could get it up?

Okay. Maybe people who have no choice.

Addiction drug reverses obesity in rats

Possible. However, one must remember that rats are substantially smarter than fat people and need to be bred to get obese. They are likely too smart to defeat the drug.

People on the other hand are not so smart. Fat people defeat clear and convincing evidence they are fat. Parents of fat children deny they are child abusers. Students sit in classes and do not learn.
"An epilepsy drug being tested for use in treating addiction can help obese rats shed weight, U.S. government researchers said on Wednesday.

Their findings point not only to an easy treatment for obesity, but show it is similar to drug addiction, they said.

Even rats bred to be obese lost up to 19 percent of their weight and normal rats lost 12 to 20 percent of their weight after 40 days of injections of the drug, called vigabatrin or GVG, the team at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory found...

'A fairly significant proportion of subjects who are obese suffer from something called binge eating disorders. They binge-eat based on cues. They see a cake, they smell a hamburger and they crave and they start to eat. One of the great things about this drug is it stops this,' Dewey added."

I bet it will not work. People will find other cues as they do after bariatric surgery.

Under any circumstance, it is still better not to take drugs since many of their untoward effects are unknowable at the time they enter the stream of commerce.

Want to boost kids’ grades? Get them moving

Another way fat children are subjected to lifelong suffering from fat parents, who tend to have the fat kids.
"Want to help your kids do better in school this fall? Get them moving. That’s the message from a growing field of research linking physical activity with better academic performance.

At a time when many schools have reduced or eliminated gym classes and recess, experts say the worry goes beyond the childhood obesity epidemic.

'It’s not only Johnny’s getting fat, and heart disease down the road — all that’s true. But it’s also that he might not do as well in school,' says James Pivarnik, president-elect of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and a professor of kinesiology at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

In one of the latest studies in this field, Pivarnik and colleagues found that middle-school students who performed best on fitness tests — which gauged aerobic capacity, strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition — performed better academically as well."
The stupid apple does not fall far from the stupid tree.

Stupid parents. Stupid children. Who become stupid parents of stupid children.

Fruit Juices Block Common Drugs

Still think they know what a "healthy" food is?
"Grapefruit, orange, and apple juices block drugs commonly used to treat infections, allergy, transplant rejection, cancer, and high blood pressure.

In 1991, David G. Bailey, PhD, and colleagues found that grapefruit juice increased blood concentrations of the blood pressure drug Plendil to possibly dangerous levels. Grapefruit juice, they later learned, slows down a key liver enzyme that clears Plendil - and about 40 other drugs - from the body.

Now Bailey reports that grapefruit, orange, and apple juices decrease the absorption of several important medications:

# The allergy drug Allegra, available generically as fexofenadine

# The antibiotics ciprofloxacin (Cipro, Proquin), levofloxacin (Levaquin), and itraconazole (Sporanox)

# The beta-blocker blood pressure drugs atenolol (Tenormin), celiprolol, and talinolol

# The transplant-rejection drug cyclosporine (Gengraf, Neoral)

# The cancer chemotherapy etoposide (Toposar, Vepesid)

'This is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure we'll find more and more drugs that are affected this way,' Bailey says in a news release...

'The concern is loss of benefit of medications essential for the treatment of serious medical conditions,' Bailey says."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Health Costs: More Burden on the Worker

Good news!
"Don’t cheer when you hear that health care cost increases are expected to ease slightly for employers in 2009. This is not a sign that medical costs are beginning to stabilize. Rather, it means that businesses are moving aggressively to shift the burden to their employees."
It is too bad that businesses will not pass more of the costs onto workers.

Instead they will continue to waste money:
"Businesses also say they intend to improve their health and wellness programs so that their employees don’t stay sick as long and — in the best-case situation — don’t become sick in the first place."
Almost all wellness programs are primarily weight loss programs (there is some substance abuse stuff, too, but they are mostly weight loss programs)

It is virtually impossible for wellness programs to work since they, like every other form of expert diet advice, are based on false assumptions.

If you want a wellness program that has a prayer of working for you and your company, gimme a call.

Dyspraxia Explains Harry Potter's Klutziness

Which clearly explains why Daniel Radcliffe is so fat.
"For 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe, it's the simple things that give him the most trouble.

Radcliffe, 19, doesn't take issue with memorizing the scripts for the five 'Harry Potter' movies he has headlined, or even the lines for his Broadway debut coming up this fall. But, asking him to tie his shoelaces is a different story.

In a recent interview with the UK's Daily Mail newspaper, Radcliffe admitted publicly for the first time to suffering from dyspraxia, a neurological disorder commonly associated with klutziness."
Ain't science great?

Too bad it is not applied in the matter of overweight/obesity.

Bariatric Surgery Doesn't Put Sleep Apnea to Rest

Still think there is a surgical "cure" to your overfatness?
"Bariatric surgery often improves sleep apnea symptoms and severity but shouldn't be considered a cure, according to a small polysomnography study.

After weight loss surgery, obstructive sleep apnea resolved for only 4% of patients and remained moderate to severe for 71%, reported Christopher J. Lettieri, M.D., of Walter Reed Army Medical Center here, and colleagues in the Aug. 15 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine."
Only in 1 in 25!


And how good is this fat person surgery for weight loss?

Super! (again)

Bigger belly may up smokers' lung cancer risk

Kudos, fatsos.
"Smokers who carry more weight around their waistlines may be at greater risk of lung cancer, according to a new study."
Maybe you can cough up a few pounds while you are at it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Take a child outside' gains some ground

Morons with good intentions.
"A large group of well-meaning officials from several states have a message for you and your family: Go take a hike.

They’re urging moms and dads to take their kids away from the television and go outside for some fresh air as part of 'Take a Child Outside' week from Sept. 24-30."
Not for the hoi-polloi:
"Do children really need a themed week to encourage them to play outside?

Supporters say it certainly could help. With child obesity on the rise and children spending more time playing electronic games or surfing the Internet, supporters of the effort are extolling the virtues of getting out of the house.

"There’s just a disconnect with the natural world around you," said Sue Holst, a spokeswoman for Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources, which oversees the state parks. "Today’s children do not seem to have the same connection to the outdoors.'"
You need time and resources to do the outdoor thing.

Caloric intake control requires no time and no resources.

Seems like the real disconnect is between these folks and the rest of us.

Not an egalitarian approach.

No matter how well-meaning it may be.

Obesity Continues to Rise in Most States

Hold the presses, it's news!
"Massive public efforts to curb the U.S. obesity epidemic are falling tragically short, with populations in most states becoming more obese with each passing year, according to a new report that underscores the failure of initiatives aimed at promoting exercise and good nutrition.

The discouraging trends, reported in the fifth annual "F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies Are Failing in America, 2008" report from the Trust for America's Health (TFAH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), reveal that obesity rates rose in 37 states in the past year, while no state registered a decrease in obesity.

Worse, in 24 states the uptick continued a trend seen from the previous year. Obesity rates rose for a third consecutive year in a total of 19 states."
Of course.

What do you expect when weight loss advice is impossible, exercise advice is irrational, efforts are exerted at punishing the calorically responsible, parents are not held accountable for nutritionally abusing their kids, people accept weight loss advice from AdipOprah and her band of IMHO nutritional homicide maniacs, mandatory reporters of child abuse are complicit in child abuse and go unpunished, a non-medical problem is fought with the twin malpractices of pills and surgery, the media lie to us left and right and down the center, too, and more?

I guess if you are a politician or an idiot, you expect success.

And they are (disingenuously) surprised.
"'It's shocking, the rate of this increase& Our nation is in a public health epidemic that continues undiminished,' he said.

The findings suggest that Americans are further than ever from achieving the health goals set forth by Healthy People 2010 -- an effort that aims to reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity among adults to less than 15 percent and among children to less than 5 percent by the year 2010.

In fact, the report's authors estimate that if the the percentage of adults who are either overweight or obese continues to climb at the current rate, 75 percent of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2015.

'With each and every year, we see more and more evidence that the obesity epidemic continues to gain speed and force,' Marks said."


Not mentioned is the responsibility of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation whose support for clearly doomed to fail "solutions" serves only to waste resources and engender hopeless hopes.

The bottom line is that the people and institutions that have undertaken to save us from overweight/obesity are failing us and IMHO killing us and our children in the process.

Fight 'em.

Obesity Epidemic Spreads to Toddlers

Kudos, fatsos. More nutritional child abuse.
"John Presley is a playful 4-year-old from Marshfield, Mass., who loves the beach and video games. But, at 86 pounds, John weighs as much as a typical 11-year-old, which raises real health concerns.

'It made me feel worried and sad because you want him to fit in and not be discriminated against,' said his mother, Theresa Presley.

John falls into a category that doctors have labeled "super obese;" part of a new epidemic of children as young as 2 and 3 years old who are extremely overweight.

'It's hard as a mother. I feel like I was footing the blame for a lot of it, even though I honestly felt like I was doing the right thing for him,' Presley said."
You weren't.

And you are to blame.

And so are these sick care workers who are mandatory reporters under CAPTA.

Instead of giving interviews, these lawbreakers should be either reporting this child abuse to the authorities, being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and/or having their licenses revoked.

Here they are from the article:
"'Kids are just getting overweight at a much younger age. We're noticing that infants are off the chart for height and weight,' said Maryanne Lewis, nurse practitioner at the Children's Hospital Boston's Optimal Weight Life Program. 'Toddlers are having & difficulty on normal equipment that they have outside in nursery school because they are just so overweight. It is a drastic change from what we've seen in the last 25 years, and it's affecting younger and younger children.'

Obesity rates among children younger then 5 have doubled over the last two decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The prevalence of childhood obesity has prompted pediatricians to encourage parents to start monitoring their children's weight.

'This is not something, 'Oh, my kid looks cute at 2 or 3. They're a little bit heavy, but they just look cute,'' said Carolyn Landis, assistant professor of pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University and a licensed clinical psychologist in Cleveland. 'People don't realize it, but even preschool age kids can have high blood pressure, they can have type 2 diabetes.'"
If you live in Boston or Cleveland, call the authorities on these irresponsible people complicit in child abuse under the law.

And no matter where you live, if you see a sick care worker, teacher, principal or other mandatory reporter shirking his or her duty under the law, report them to the authorities.

Do it for the kids.

That is why the laws are on the books in all states.

California fines 18 hospitals for shoddy care

But who will cure you from your surgical "cure" for overweight/obesity?
"Eighteen hospitals in California were fined for state health code violations in which patients died from various mishaps such as an improperly inserted tube and a ventilator that wasn't turned on. Other violations include surgical tools left inside patients after surgery...

The report detailed a death at a La Mesa hospital in which a worker failed to turn on a ventilator for a patient who was being transferred. Another patient in Los Alamitos died after falling from a wheelchair with no seat belt on, and a Santa Ana hospital lost a patient from a medication overdose.

At Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo, a registered nurse improperly inserted a catheter into a patient's neck vein on Sept. 1, and the patient died as a result of an air bubble from the tube. The report found the nurse had not completed a required anatomy class or the hospital's training on protocol.

Defending himself in the report, the unidentified male nurse told investigators, 'I am the pro of the hospital. The other nurses call me to put in IVs that they cannot get in'....

In other cases, patients had surgical instruments or sponges left inside their bodies during surgery, requiring a second surgery to retrieve the misplaced items. The report also found some patients experienced surgical awareness during their procedures due to improper anesthesia.

The state has issued 61 such penalties to 42 hospitals, Billingsley said."
Small wonder some fatsos go to Mexico for their malpractice.

Better not to get fat in the first place.

And if you did, better to take it off without the harm of the sick care system.

Brain's counting skill 'built-in'

Except for counting Calories that is.
"Humans have an in-built ability to do mathematics even if they do not have the language to express it, a research team has suggested."
Which gives fat people a couple of choices to explain their condition:
1. They are not human. A reasonable argument in light of the fact that some weigh more than zoo animals.
2. They have no brains. Also reasonable.
3. Both of the above. Still reasonable.
You decide.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Men 'unhappy' with their bodies

Another moron expert.
"One of Britain's leading eating disorder experts says as many as one in five young men are deeply unhappy with their body image.

Dr John Morgan said that for every man with an eating disorder there were 10 more who desperately wanted to change the way they looked.

'One in five young men have some degree of quite extreme distress,' he said."
Apparently not enough to really do something about it.

This whole article is one piece of crap after another.

For example:
"'There are men who have problems with compulsive exercise and excessive bodybuilding who have an illness, but we haven't defined them. Our definitions of illness have been focused on women, rather than men.'"
What is compulsive exercise and who is to say?

Oh, it must be this - trying to appear attractive.
"Dr John Morgan said he believes images of male beauty in the media are part of the problem, and that there's now just as much pressure on young men to look slim as there is on women.

'The ideal male body image has changed into quite an unhealthy shape,' he admitted.

In the past blokes have been comfortable with beer bellies. Now, men and boys are under huge pressures to look good.' (sic)

He explains that while the slim but muscular look, a six-pack, big arms, and a slim waist, has become the cultural 'norm', it's not a naturally obtainable figure.

Dr Morgan added: 'It's completely unhealthy, and to achieve that sort of shape you've got to be either working out for hours in a gym, making yourself sick, or taking certain kinds of illegal drugs.'"
What's the proof here? Why is it unhealthy to be slim and muscular? And why is it better to settle for a beer belly? Drugs, hours, sick?

These are your experts, folks.

IMHO, all they are is expert at being s**t receptacles.

Do not believe the naysayers.

Do what works to achieve success in fitness and you will.

Higher BMI may reduce chemotherapy response

Kudos, fatsos.
"New research indicates that overweight patients with operable breast cancer are less likely than their normal-weight peers to achieve a complete response with chemotherapy."
You silly boobs.

Heavy? Your neighborhood may be to blame

It may be. But it is not. It is the fact that you are calorically irresponsible.
"It could be your neighborhood that's making you fat — or keeping you slender.

A new study found that the year your neighborhood was built may be just as important as diet and exercise for shedding pounds. Those who live in neighborhoods built before 1950 are trimmer than their counterparts who reside in more modern communities, the study reported."
"Amy Crook, a 34-year-old freelance graphic designer, gained 30 pounds over the course of two years after she moved to a sprawling neighborhood in Bowie, Md., in 2005. 'There was nothing to walk to,' said Crook, who noted that she drove everywhere, even to the grocery store two blocks away because there were no sidewalks."
Two blocks to the store and she could not walk.

Poor baby could not walk along the curb.

Poor baby had to put on 30 pounds in 2 years.

Poor baby had to overconsume and store 105,000 Calories on her can't walk along the curb for two blocks body if she added the 30 pounds as fat (a not unreasonable assumption because she is not complaining of getting bodybuilder buff).

Of course, walking 1/2 mile or two blocks in 2 directions, burns an average of 50 Calories which if she went grocery shopping daily would only have burned off 36,550 Calories in two years assuming one year was a leap year and does not account for the remaining 68,450 Calories she added to her body.

And these 68,450 Calories come from the poor fat baby overeating about 94 Calories per day everyday, assuming again that one year was a leap year.

Little piggie could not keep her fat piehole from swallowing those just-under 100 Calories.

This is terrible.

The only reasonable response to this conclusive "proof" is to rebuild all neighborhoods to the style of the 1950's, not to expect people to otherwise be calorically responsible.

After all, it is everybody else's fault when you are fat.

Studies show exercise boon for obesity, diabetes

Certainly a boon FOR diabetes and obesity and a bane for the obese and the diabetic.
"Walking a bit more each day can help people control their Type 2 diabetes but obese people trying to keep weight off may need to exercise harder than they had thought, according to a studies published on Monday."
Clearly, "exercise" stinks for obesity.

Otherwise, why are the "obese" "trying to keep weight off"?

Shouldn't they be ex-obese people if "exercise" was a boon for them?
"Simply walking 45 minutes more each day helped people with diabetes use blood sugar better, Michael Trenell of Britain's Newcastle University and colleagues wrote in the journal Diabetes Care."
And for diabetes?

It is not so simple for fat people to walk 45 minutes per day, let alone an extra 45 minutes.

If you sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours and have 8 hours left to live a fat life, then they are recommending that fat people spend almost 10% of their time walking.

Good luck with that.

If fat people want to lose weight, the last thing to do is "exercise."

Exercise is and always will be the least efficeint way to lose weight.

If the experts really want fat people to lose weight, the first thing for them to do is shut-up.

FDA reports deaths with diabetes drug Byetta

Still think fat person weight loss drugs are safe?
"Federal regulators are working on a stronger label for a widely used diabetes drug marketed by Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Eli Lilly & Co. after deaths were reported with the medication despite earlier government warnings.

The Food and Drug Administration said Monday it has received six new reports of patients developing a dangerous form of pancreatitis while taking Byetta. Two of the patients died and four were recovering...

the injectable drug...was launched in June 2005."
Hey, not bad.

Just over 3 years and they still haven't figured out how to label it properly.

But they are "working on" it.

Not to worry. It is only people who are dying. It's not as if Eli Lilly or Amylin, who "jointly developed and manufactured" the drug are dying.

They are only taking a small market hit
"Shares of Amylin Pharmaceuticals fell $4.45, or 13 percent, to $29.76 Monday, while Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly dipped 73 cents to $48.05."

What will they find out about the IMHO malpractice known as diet drugs?

Rest assured.

Time will tell.

By speaking for the dead and harmed.

Better to lose weight the right way.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weight doesn't hamper women's sexual activity

The zenith of scientific research and methodology.
"A high body mass index (BMI), indicating overweight or obesity, may not play a significant role in women's sexual activity, researchers report.

'Obese and overweight women are just as sexually active as normal-weight women and need to be counseled similarly about their risks of unintended pregnancy and infection,' Dr. Bliss E. Kaneshiro told Reuters Health.

Kaneshiro, of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, and colleagues base these findings on surveys from 6,690 women, 15 to 44 years old, who participated in the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth."
More self-reported data.

Who would admit to not getting any besides kids when asked by their parents, one significant other confronted by the other, etc.?
"However, Kaneshiro's group unexpectedly found that obese and overweight women, compared with normal-weight women were more likely to report a history of intercourse with a male, even though they did not report an early initiation of intercourse."

Of course, the real matter is not how many and how often sows have sex. It really is the outcome of a child who will be nutritionally abused with overwhelming likelihood.

Body Type: Are You an Apple or a Pear?

Who gives a s**t? It makes no real difference to you.

More crap from ABCNEWS.
"Most women (and men for that matter) understand intuitively whether their bodies tend to store fat around their waists (forming an apple shape) or lower down around their hips, thighs and buttocks (forming a pear shape in women). But few of us understand the dramatic impact body shape has on our current health and risk of future disease.

A number of recent studies have shown that it is your waist size and body shape rather than how much you weigh or tip the scale that best predicts your risk for a number of chronic diseases. For example, a study published in this week's Archives of Internal Medicine found that while only half of the obese patients studied had metabolic abnormalities that placed them at much greater risk of heart disease, a full quarter of the normal weight adults had these same worrisome metabolic risks as well."
Knowing your waist circumference or waist-to-hip ratio is no guarantee of "metabolic health."

You still do not know how much of the dreaded visceral fat occupies your innards.

You can be thin-waisted and still have "too much visceral fat," whatever that is and whatever that means (you can bet this theory will change, too).
"Masked obesity: A condition of excess total body fat deposition of individuals,
whose body mass and the BMI are within the “average” or even “underweight”
categories. Individuals with masked obesity are often visually thin and difficult to
detect their obesity from their visual appearance (Kajioka et al. 1996a)."
And, rest assured, that people will cheat on measuring their waists and hips as this silly doc/medical contributor suggests. A scale will be more reliable.

The medical article referred to dealt with "cardiometabolic" matters, whereas BMI is related to those and additional bad illnesses.

Plus, the BMI offers a real road map to sensible weight loss.

If you are overweight/obese, lose the pounds.

And screw the crap from the MSM.

New cardio risk factors seen after joint surgery

Still think your fat person surgery will be safe?
"In addition to confirming previously identified risk factors for cardiovascular complications after total joint replacement surgery, researchers have now found that bilateral (involving both sides of the body, such as two hip or knee replacements), as well as revision operations, are associated with increased risk."
Problems with interventions, medical and surgical, are identified months to years after they have been administered or performed.

And the kicker is that fat people generally have more risk factors for complications from this surgery (and others) as well as generally cruddier joints.

Kudos, fatsos.

Dietitians' Advice Key In Battle Against Diabetes, Canada

Not exactly.
"Dietitians of Canada (DC) applauds the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Ministry of Health Promotion for helping Ontarians prevent and manage diabetes. The diabetes strategy announced today includes increasing access to team-based care for prevention and management of diabetes. The Ministry of Health Promotion has collaborated with Dietitians of Canada to provide the Eatright Ontario Dietitian Advisory Service. EatRight Ontario gives consumers and health professionals easy access to expert nutrition advice from Registered Dietitians through a toll-free number 1-877-510-510-2 or a web based service at Residents of Ontario can call with their questions about diabetes, as well as many other aspects of nutrition-related chronic disease and healthy eating. This service is a component of the provincial Action Plan for Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) and recognizes the Registered Dietitian (RD) as an integral part of the strategy."
This really means money in the pockets of dietitians.

No wonder they "applaud" the move.

But here is the problem.

Since dietitians spout the conventional wisdom, they offer no chance of resolving any overweight-related matter.

The article should be entitled "IGNORING Dietitians' Advice Key In Battle Against Diabetes, Canada."

Now that would be helpful.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The miracle weight loss that isn’t

SELF magazine and MSNBC must have suffered strokes. Rather than elevate blather, they took a more realistic look at the malpractice known as bariatric surgery.
"Seven months after surgery she had developed an agonizing ulcer on the new inner seam between her stomach and intestine, which required a second operation. Not long afterward, Wells recalls eating a bite of tuna steak her husband, Ron, had prepared and doubling over in pain; an ambulance rushed her into surgery yet again, this time for an intestinal hernia — her bowel had snagged on a slit in her abdominal wall. A fourth procedure followed to ease the pain of the abdominal scarring from her previous surgeries. Meanwhile, Wells’s gastrointestinal pain had become so severe that she could barely eat. One day while shoe shopping, she realized she couldn’t flex her right foot. Within weeks her limbs began to tingle, her energy evaporated and her weight plummeted. She stopped menstruating. By late 2006, Wells had shrunk to 105 pounds...

But despite the growing popularity of obesity surgery — and the general perception that it’s a shortcut to thinness and good health — it’s no easy path. The American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) in Gainesville, Florida, puts gastric-bypass surgery’s death rate at between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 200. In one AHRQ study, 4 in 10 patients developed complications within the first six months, including vomiting, diarrhea, infections, hernias and respiratory failure. Up to 40 percent of gastric-bypass patients can suffer nutritional deficiency, potentially resulting in anemia and osteoporosis; seizures and paralysis have been reported in extreme cases. Some of these malnourished patients experience bizarre neurological problems, as Wells did.

Even if patients avoid the major pitfalls, they could be in for a world of intestinal discomfort. Not to mention how difficult it is to retrain yourself to subsist on 3-ounce meals and vitamin pills after surgery. “If you’re here for the quick fix, then this surgery is not for you,” affirms Kelvin Higa, M.D., immediate past president of ASMBS. “This is a serious lifelong commitment.” It’s an adjustment so profound that patients are screened to make sure they’re psychologically up to the task — a test that, according to a recent study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, one-fifth of would-be patients fail."
You are clearly better off making the commitment to natural weight loss, i.e., burning more Calories than you consume, than this form of medical malpractice.
"All this for a surgery that the experts admit is poorly understood. Few randomized, controlled studies (the gold standard of research) have been performed comparing gastric bypass with nonsurgical weight loss therapy. Although initial weight loss can be dramatic — gastric-bypass patients typically shed around 70 percent of excess weight — patients gradually regain 20 to 25 percent of what they lose. For people with extreme obesity, defined as having a body-mass index of 40 or greater, gastric bypass often merely shifts them into the obese category. Obese patients can drop to overweight status (a BMI of 25 to 29.9). Yet fewer than 10 percent of patients achieve a normal BMI of 18.5 to 24.9, reports Lee Kaplan, M.D., director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center in Boston. Altogether, weight loss surgery remains an uncertain proposition, and although potential patients must meet certain criteria (as the women interviewed for this article did), experts caution that the surgery is definitely not meant for the mainstream..."
There is more to the article. Click the title of this blog entry to read it all.

(Every Fitness Watch blog entry title links to the original article.)

And don't fall for Big Sick Care's hype.

Overweight Elderly Americans Contribute To Financial Burdens Of The US Health Care System

The burden is not restricted to the elderly. Stop picking on them.
"Being overweight or obese is not only a personal issue that affects one's health but is also a public health issue that impacts other people in society. A new study in the journal Health Services Research reveals that the extra Medicare cost associated with overweight elderly people could place a significant financial burden on tax payers, costing up to hundreds of billions of dollars across the entire current Medicare population.

The article's findings show that treating the health needs of an overweight or obese elderly person will cost Medicare 6 to 17 percent more over a lifetime than treating an elderly person with a healthy weight. The authors used a measure of weight that takes into account a person's height, known as the body mass index and looked at total costs from Medicare alone for individuals covered from age 65 until death. The extra demands made of the healthcare system by overweight and obese elderly amounts to Medicare's spending on average an extra $15,000 on overweight elderly individuals and an extra $26,000 on obese individuals. "

But there is a "ray of hope."

The next generations may not live as long.

Kudos, fatsos.

Keep your skin looking forever young

If you like the "forever young" look of skin cancer, that is.

If you are inclined to believe this s**t, read the POS MSM MSNBC -SELF magazine article by clicking on the title of this blog entry - it will link to it.

Then read this and this. Here is a representative excerpt from one article:
"Moisturisers used by millions of women every day may raise the risk of skin cancer, scientists have warned.

In tests, skin creams sped up the development of the most common form of skin cancer and increased the number of tumours and their size.

The researchers cautioned that the experiments were carried out on mice - but said that the majority of moisturisers have not gone through skin cancer safety checks."

Then if you still believe MSNBC and SELF magazine, get your head examined.

Still think they know what a safe skin product is?

And if you are a fatso waiting for the genetic-drug-surgical cure for
your overfatness, think about whether they know what a safe drug or surgical procedure is.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Combo of diabetes drugs may increase mortality

Finally, good news for fat people who are waiting for a drug "cure" to their overweight/obesity.
"Combination treatment for type 2 diabetes using two classes of drugs -- metformin and sulfonylureas -- may increase the risk of hospitalization for cardiovascular disease and mortality, according to a report in the current issue of Diabetes Care."
Well, good news and bad news.

Type 2 diabetes is fat person diabetes.

The good news is that you will not have to wait as long for the drug "cure" that will never come.

The bad news is that you won't have to wait as long because you will die early from the drugs you take because of your self-caused fat person diabetes.

Life - a give and take, eh?

Mom's fish oil intake doesn't up 7-year-old's IQ

How can this be? A supplement cannot make smarts?
"Giving a pregnant woman supplemental omega-3 fatty acids does not appear to influence her child's overall intelligence at the age of 7...

This time, they found no significant differences in intelligence, as measured by a standard battery of tests, between children in the cod liver oil group and those in the corn oil group. Children's levels of omega-3s when they were newborns also were unrelated to their cognitive performance at age 7."
Guess parents will have to do something else to have smart kids - like foster academic achievement.


Oxford "Obesity-Gene" Group Launches Target For Obesity Researchers

Bulls**t to make them a buck and you poorer, but still fat.
"Oxford University's technology transfer company, Isis Innovation, has launched range of new assays for obesity research - tools that can be used to identify potential drug candidates. A team led by Oxford's Prof Chris Schofield has developed the assays. They are based on the group's pioneering work which identified a gene and an enzyme strongly implicated in obesity."
Note - "potential drug candidates" = something to sell you that will have complications.
Note - not a prevention, but a treatment.
Note - there are no genes that cause overweight/obesity. There is only more Calories in than out. No gene can defeat that.
Note - there are many enzymes involved in overweight/obesity. They are the digestive enzymes. They are all implicated in overweight/obesity. Do not feed them too much and overweight/obesity never develop and if you are already fat, your overweight/obesity will disappear.

Note - these people are IMHO crooked scum offering you crap.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AP IMPACT: Liver disease plagues obese adolescents

Kudos, fatsos.
"In a new and disturbing twist on the obesity epidemic, some overweight teenagers have severe liver damage caused by too much body fat, and a handful have needed liver transplants.

Many more may need a new liver by their 30s or 40s, say experts warning that pediatricians need to be more vigilant. The condition, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver failure or liver cancer, is being seen in kids in the United States, Europe, Australia and even some developing countries, according to a surge of recent medical studies and doctors interviewed by The Associated Press.

The American Liver Foundation and other experts estimate 2 percent to 5 percent of American children over age 5, nearly all of them obese or overweight, have the condition, called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

'It's clearly the most common cause of liver disease,' said Dr. Ronald Sokol, head of public policy at the liver foundation and a liver specialist at Children's Hospital and University of Colorado Denver.

Some experts think as many as 10 percent of all children and half of those who are obese may suffer from it, but note that few are given the simple blood test that can signal its presence. A biopsy is the only sure way to diagnose this disease."
This is what you get when child-abusing parents join forces with physicians, teachers and others who are complicit in the abuse. (see here specifically)

Fight back. Save the children from nutritional child abuse.

Role Of Obesity In Preeclampsia Studied At University Of Pittsburgh

Kudos, fatsos.
"'We know there is a strong relationship between pre-pregnancy obesity and preeclampsia, and at least a third of all pregnant women in the United States are obese,' said Carl A. Hubel, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and principal investigator of the project."
More fetal abuse by the fat.

Stop them.

Heart disease risk soars with obesity, diabetes

Kudos, fatsos.
"People who are both obese and have diabetes are highly likely to develop heart disease during their lifetime, a new study shows.

Researchers found that of more than 3,400 adults in a long-running U.S. heart study, women who were obese and diabetic had a nearly 80 percent chance of developing heart disease at some point. For their male counterparts, that figure was nearly 90 percent."
With diabetes and heart disease, you have made yourselves sweeteningly sick.

Overweight Hispanic Children At Significant Risk For Pre-Diabetes

Kudos, fatsos.
"A study by researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) found that overweight Hispanic children are at significant risk for pre-diabetes, a condition marked by higher than normal blood glucose levels that are not yet high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. The persistence of pre-diabetes during growth is associated with progression in risk towards future diabetes, according to the study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Diabetes..."
Hold these child-abusing parents accountable.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Got a fat gene? Get active for 3-4 hours a day

Got a s**t for brains gene? If you do, then believe what these morons say.
"Maybe you CAN blame being fat on your genes. But there's a way to overcome that family history — just get three to four hours of moderate activity a day. Sound pretty daunting? Not for the Amish of Lancaster County, Pa., who were the focus of a new study on a common genetic variation that makes people more likely to gain weight. It turns out the variant's effects can be blocked with physical activity — lots of it."
One - there is no fat gene.

Two - Whenever you burn more Calories than you consume you will lose weight - gene or no gene.

Three - If you have 3-4 hours per day to kill doing "moderate activity," then your problem is clear and so is the solution. Eat 3-4 hours less per day.

Four - and this is the only sensible outcome from this study. There is reason for you to wear that reflective triangle thing on your fat ass so semis don't get damaged from colliding with you.

This research and its recommendations are so profoundly stupid and silly that perhaps there is a hidden clue to this in the article...
"Study co-author Dr. Soren Snitker of the University of Maryland..."
"Snitker" is an anagram for "stinker."

Here is how to lose weight without killing any hours of your day, let alone 3-4 hours.

Lose it the smart way, or lose it the stupid way.

Your choice.

Ear infections 'link' to obesity

The true cause of overweight/obesity found at last!
"A history of severe ear infections or tonsil trouble may increase the chances of being obese later in life, according to scientists.

About a third of children get recurrent otitis media and research presented at a US conference suggests a link.

Infections may affect food choices by damaging nerves involved in taste, the researchers said."
Or, they cannot hear themselves chewing and swallowing.
"However, a number of UK experts raised doubts about the findings, with one saying a link was 'extremely unlikely'."
"Dr Linda Bartoshuk, who led the study at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, said that the finding was of 'considerable' public health interest."
It would appear that there is considerably more public health interest in stripping Linda of her license and getting her out of practice.
"However, UK experts raised doubts about the strength of the findings.

Paediatric ear, nose and throat surgeon Ray Clarke, from Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, said it was well known that severe ear infections, and operations, could affect taste.

However, he said there was no other evidence that this could play a role in developing obesity.

He said: 'There may well be some other common factor in obesity...'"

"May well be some other common factor in obesity"?

How about more Calories in than out, you friggin' idiot?

Incidentally, the next time you hear about overweight/obesity and a "link" to something insane, think about this POS research.

Oh, you are like most people and fat?

Then you probably cannot hear because of your ear infection.

Too bad.