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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Licence To Snack: Study Finds Eating Frequency Not The Way To Weight Loss

Research putting the lie to Oprah, Jorge Cruise, David Katz and other dangerous morons.
"Eating more often than three meals a day does not assist with weight loss, new Australian research suggests.

The study found no difference in weight, waist measurement, body fatness or blood sugar levels between people who ate three meals a day, and those who ate three meals and three snacks while trying to lose weight."
Fools and cons (IMHO) like Oprah, Jorge Cruise and David Katz have had too much to say about weight loss and diet - to our collective detriment.
"'It's not when you eat that matters, but what and how much you eat,' said lead author and Accredited Practising Dietitian Michelle Palmer."
Calories in, Calories out.

That is all that matters.

Shut the predators down.

And find a plaintiff's attorney if you believed the crap Oprah and her experts spouted.

Teens OK with community-based weight loss program

And why not? It also doesn't work.
"Community-based programs could offer an acceptable way for overweight and obese teens to trim down, Australian researchers report...

While parents said their children were choosing healthier foods and getting more exercise, there was actually no change in participants' average levels of physical activity or the amount of time they spent being sedentary, and no change in average body mass index (BMI)."
More failure touted as success.

Vitamin D doesn't cut prostate cancer risk

Bad use of a supplement (not suggesting there is a good one).
"Vitamin D -- the so-called sunshine vitamin -- does not appear to cut a man's risk of getting prostate cancer, researchers said on Tuesday...

They found no association between higher levels of the vitamin and a reduced prostate cancer risk. The findings hinted at a possible increased risk for aggressive prostate cancer in men with higher blood concentration of vitamin D, but this link was not statistically significant, the researchers said."
So, the supplement may have made the cancer worse.

Should have been expected, what with exposing an area that never sees daylight to the sunshine vitamin.

BTW, more cancer?

Still think they know what a "healthy" supplement is?

Variety At Breakfast Linked With Better Mental Health For Teens

Another study that offers conclusions without data. Prozac need not beware.
"Adding a banana to a bowl of cereal and milk could be the key to better mental health in teenagers, according to Australian researchers who have found that a variety of foods at breakfast is linked to mental functioning.

Presenting her research at the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) national conference, dietitian Therese O'Sullivan from the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research said a high quality breakfast, with foods from at least three different healthy food groups, was linked with better mental health in 14 year old boys and girls.

And she said that for every extra food group eaten at breakfast, the associated mental health score improved."
They offer no statistically significant data to back up their conclusion.

Only this:
" 'Eating a breakfast of toast with a glass of milk and some fruit seems to be better than just a large serve of toast alone. This may be because mental functioning is affected by the absorption of a variety of nutrients, including calcium, iron and B group vitamins,' said Ms O'Sullivan, an Accredited Practising Dietitian."
More crap diet research.

Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Benefit From Natural Compounds In Cocoa

"Scientists have found that consuming cocoa flavanols - naturally occurring compounds in cocoa - may offer a benefit to those affected by type-2 diabetes."
Type 2 diabetes is fatso diabetes.

In fact, many of them got type 2 diabetes from a diet rich in cocoa - eating too many chocolate Calories.

That's how they got so fat.

BTW, who was involved in this study?
"For more than 15 years, Mars, Incorporated has conducted and/or supported a significant portion of the research undertaken in the field of cocoa flavanols and reported new insights in peer-reviewed scientific literature. Working in collaboration with top research institutions around the world, Mars, Incorporated continues to lead the way in exploring the nutritional and medical potential of cocoa flavanols."
'Nuff said.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Researcher Reports On Noninvasive Device For GERD, Obesity

There is a better one out there than this:
"A new, noninvasive gastroplasty device to treat two separate disorders gastroesophageal-reflux disease (GERD) and morbid obesity was reported by its inventor, Charles J. Filipi, M.D., professor of surgery at Creighton University School of Medicine."
It is called "weight loss."

It is non-invasive, saves money and has no side effects.

Try it.

Flying may tax the hearts of apnea sufferers

When pigs fly, they need oxygen.
"People with severe obstructive sleep apnea taking commercial airline flights may be at greater risk of adverse events from stress on the heart than healthy people, researchers warned at the American Thoracic Society's 2008 meeting in Toronto."
Who's at risk?
"Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, occurs when soft tissues in the airways collapse during sleep and temporarily block breathing. This can happen dozens of times an hour, leading to daytime sleepiness and eventually to increases in blood pressure."
OSA is a fat person's problem.

But we are all at risk, as in danger.
"If the results of the current study are typical, 'half of the patients with OSA would require supplemental oxygen in-flight if current guidelines (for those with lung disease) were strictly followed,' she noted."
If you thought shoe bombs were an issue, just light up an oxygen canister and see what happens.

Got a match?

TSA better hope not.

Antipsychotics given for dementia pose risks: study

Hey, fatsos, still think that a drug will safely "cure" you of your too-fat condition?
"Elderly dementia patients prescribed antipsychotic drugs are at three times the risk of a serious health problem or dying within a month of treatment, compared to those not given the drugs, Canadian researchers said on Monday...

The seven-year study of more than 40,000 people age 65 or older -- half in nursing homes -- found 5.2 percent of the nursing homes residents died within a month of being given one of the newer class of so-called atypical antipsychotic drugs."
And this took seven years.

Think of how many of you will suffer and die before they figure out just how dangerous the malpractice known as diet drugs is.

All because you are unwilling to shed a few extra pounds.

All because you are unwilling to see how the experts, like Oprah, Oprah, Oprah, Mehmet Oz, David Katz, Jorge Cruise, Jorge Cruise, David Zinczenko, the sick care establishment, the sick care establishment, diet gurus and more and more, are killing you.

All because you are too unwilling to do what it takes and fight back.

"Bulking up" may raise athletes' heart disease risk

Not on the basis of this study.
"'Our work demonstrates a higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome, an established cardiovascular risk factor, among retired National Football League (NFL) linemen,' said Dr. Marc A. Miller, of Mount Sinai Medical Center, in New York. Football linemen are position players commonly of large body size."
Metabolic syndrome, just this week, has been shown to be not useful in predicting heart disease risk.

But that is not the point. (Though it is important to note that they do not even know if their markers for illness are correct or not. Should you trust them?)

What is important is to control weight after the career is over.

These athletes likely cease training, get fatter, heavier and less muscular changing them from big, muscular, athletes to big, fat, ex-athletes.

That should be the concern.

Coffee and tea don't raise breast cancer risk

How long have coffee and tea been around and they are just now deciding they don't raise breast cancer risk?

Imagine how far away they are from figuring out the relationship between other foods and disease risk.
"Results from a decades-long study may enable women to drink coffee or tea without worry that doing so will increase their risk for breast cancer, study findings suggest."
Oh, they did not figure it out. They just found out what the data "suggest."

What's this?
"When the researchers further assessed breast cancer risk specifically among postmenopausal women, they found a modestly reduced risk associated with the highest versus the lowest caffeine intake. But, 'this relation needs to be examined further,' the investigators note."
Still inconclusive.

If you think they will figure out what a "healthy" food is, you are mentally, scholastically and intellectually unhealthy.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obesity fuels growing ‘boy-boob’ problem

Not even moobs - these are boy boobs.
"Obesity has been blamed for the growing problem of “boy-boobs” – cases of teenage boys with breasts so well developed that surgery is needed to reduce them...

Christian Duncan, a plastic surgeon specialising in obesity-related surgery, said that in the past 12 months he had performed at least 20 breast-reduction operations on young boys who had developed the condition."
Tits what you get when you get fat.

Obesity battle among US children may have peaked

True or not true? No one knows.
"The percentage of American children who are overweight or obese appears to have leveled off after a 25-year increase, according to new figures that offer a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dismal battle."When too much of a bad thing is good.
When too much of a bad thing is good:
"'That is a first encouraging finding in what has been unremittingly bad news,' said Dr. David Ludwig, director of an obesity clinic at Children's Hospital Boston. 'But it's too soon to know if this really means we're beginning to make meaningful inroads into this epidemic. It may simply be a statistical fluke.'"
My money is on the fluke.

But even assuming that there is a leveling-off, will this translate into fewer fat adults?

Stay tuned.

But not to the media. They will be all over this as a victory for a system that clearly does not work.

Lifestyle change may keep diabetes at bay

Forget the "lifestyle change."

That is bulls**t.
"The goal of the combined lifestyle intervention was to boost vegetable intake and lower alcohol and sugar intake; get overweight or obese people to lose weight by eating less; and boost physical activity."
Just lose the weight.

That does NOT require a "lifestyle change."

FDA says nipple cream could harm infants

If they cannot get this right, they ain't gonna get your fat person drugs right, either.
"Consumers should not buy or use Mommy's Bliss Nipple Cream, marketed by San Rafael, California-based MOM Enterprises Inc, due to ingredients that could harm infants, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Friday.

The product, marketed to nursing mothers to help soothe and heal their dry or cracked nipples, contains ingredients chlorphenesin and phenoxyethanol that could cause respiratory distress or vomiting and diarrhea in infants, the FDA said...

'FDA is particularly concerned that nursing infants are being unwittingly exposed by their mothers to this product with dangerous side effects,' Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in a statement.

'Additionally, these two ingredients may interact with one another to further compound and increase the risk of respiratory depression in nursing infants,' Woodcock said."

Nice that FDA is concerned about what goes on nipples.

Too bad it is not concerned about the malpractice known as diet drugs.

Fruit Juice Consumption Not Related To Overweight In Children According To New Research

Of course not.

The only thing related to overweight in anybody is more Calories in than out.

The source is immaterial.
"Despite studies that assert otherwise, 100% fruit juice consumption is not related to overweight in children, according to the authors of "A Review of the Relationship Between 100% Fruit Juice Consumption and Weight in Children and Adolescents" in the May/June issue of the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine (AJLM), published by SAGE."
Stupid study.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bariatric Surgery No Panacea for Fecal Incontinence

What is that smell? Time for fat people to fill-out environmental impact statements.
"Fecal incontinence, common in patients undergoing bariatric surgery, appears to worsen for many after the procedure, a researcher said here.

When surveyed a mean of two years after gastric bypass or banding, 51.2% of 194 patients who had liquid fecal incontinence prior to the procedure said it had gotten worse, said Erica N. Roberson, M.D., of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wis., at Digestive Disease Week sessions."
"Liquid fecal incontinence" is when fluid-y stool squirts/drips out your butt-hole into your underwear, pants, down your leg, etc., without your telling it to.
"Similarly, about half of patients who had solid fecal incontinence before the surgery also said it had worsened afterwards."
"Solid fecal incontinence" is when chunky stool squeezes its way out your butt-hole into your underwear, pants, down your leg, etc., without your telling it to.

Basically, fecal incontinence is when your sh** has a mind of its own and its mind tells it to take a look outdoors and roam free.
"'This is an underdetected population,' Dr. Roberson said. 'Nobody really talks about incontinence enough in these patients. They don't tell their doctors about it, and their doctors don't ask them about it.'"
"Undetected," that is, unless you use the sniff test. No need to ask.
"Urinary incontinence was also frequent, reported by 73.4% of the respondents, but three-quarters said it had either improved or not changed after surgery."
"Urinary incontinence" is the same curiosity of the outdoors displayed by your crap for fecal incontinence except executed by your piss.

It is another way fat people generate their own aromatic environment.
"He speculated that the worsening incontinence seen in Dr. Roberson's survey may stem from permanent damage beginning when the patients were still obese.

John M. Morton, M.D., Ph.D., a gastric surgeon at Stanford University, said if that's the case, 'it's going to be difficult to overcome even with weight loss.'

He added that diarrhea following bariatric surgery is a known issue. 'It probably relates to the diet. Patients are completely changing what they're eating, more protein-based and certainly more of a liquid consistency afterward.

'We always do a rectal exam before surgery, but this study may prompt us to take a little closer look at it and maybe find different ways to help people afterwards,' Dr. Morton said."

YOU "take a little closer look," doc.

Beware of "Incomings!"

NYC issues warning after aphrodisiac kills man

Still think you know what a healthy supplement is?
"Health officials are warning New Yorkers to stay away from an illegal aphrodisiac made from toad venom after the product apparently killed a man.

The city's poison control center issued the warning Friday after receiving a hospital report that a 35-year-old man who ingested the hard, brown substance died earlier this month.

The product is sold under names including Piedra, Love Stone, Jamaican Stone, Black Stone and Chinese Rock at sex shops and neighborhood stores. It is banned by the Food and Drug Administration...

'There is no definitely safe way to use it,' said Dr. Robert Hoffman, director of the city's poison control center. 'Don't buy it. Don't sell it. If you have it, don't use it. Throw it out.'

The same type of product killed a 40-year-old man in Brooklyn in 2002 and at least four New Yorkers in the early 1990s. A 17-year-old boy also fell seriously ill, but survived following hours of aggressive treatment."

Welcome to the world of traditional Chinese medicine.

Caveat emptor.

Oral hormone therapy pills double clot risk: study

Still waiting for hormone therapy for your fat body?

Let this be an example for you.
"Menopausal women who take hormone-replacement therapy pills more than double their risk of developing a potentially fatal blood clot, French researchers said on Friday.

The review of 17 studies suggested that the risk was also significantly higher during the first year of treatment, they reported in the British Medical Journal.

Blood clots in the arteries are a common cause of heart attacks and strokes. Vein blood clots can kill if they move through the body to the lungs.

'This meta-analysis ... showed that current use of oral oestrogen increases the risk of (blood clots) by two-fold to three-fold,' Pierre-Yves Scarabin and Marianne Canonico of the Paul Brousse Hospital in France wrote."

There is no hormone treatment for your stupidity.

Do Calories on the Menu Make a Difference?

Probably not with an innumerate, calorically irresponsible public.
"The real place is in the home to worry about obesity."
"But it is more than just calories that count; it has to be exercise."
"Ozersky doesn't think that knowing how many calories can be found in a particular dish is going to stop people from ordering their favorites."

Incisionless Procedure To Reduce Weight Regain

Calorie control?

"Every year more than 100,000 U.S. patients undergo gastric bypass surgery for the treatment of obesity. Experience now shows approximately 20 percent of these patients will regain weight within a few years after the surgery, due to the stretching of the stomach, and will be at renewed risk for diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The Center for the Treatment of Obesity at UC San Diego Medical Center now offers a new incision-free procedure to reverse weight gain after gastric bypass surgery."
Note a "procedure to reverse weight gain after gastric bypass surgery."

Note "approximately 20 percent of these patients will regain weight."

Note "will be at renewed risk for diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease."

Think bariatric surgery works?


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Diet, exercise can delay diabetes for years: study

Delay? Prevent.
"Drinking less alcohol, eating more vegetables and exercising can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, researchers said on Friday in a study showing that lifestyle changes can make a big difference."
You can determine, in no small part, whether you live a sick life, or not.

Heavy babies more prone to wheezing as toddlers

Kudos, fatsos.
"Infants who are heavier in the first 6 months of life are more likely to develop recurrent wheezing by age 3, putting them at increased risk of being diagnosed with asthma later on, researchers from the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston report."
Another example of nutritional child abuse.

You are not only likely fat and clearly abusive parents.

You are creative in the ways you make your children sick, too.

Metabolic syndrome can't predict heart risk: study

Still think they have any idea what they are doing?
"So-called "metabolic syndrome," a composite medical condition often cited by drug companies, can predict diabetes but not heart disease, British researchers said on Thursday.

Richard Khan, chief scientific and medical officer of the American Diabetes Association, said the finding was 'another nail in the coffin' for the syndrome, which has been criticized in the past for having limited diagnostic value."
You'd better not.

Merck ends study of cholesterol drug

Still waiting for that drug to cure the sicknesses you caused yourself from being too fat?
"Merck & Co. has halted a study of an experimental drug it had touted as key to energizing its sagging cholesterol franchise, barely three weeks after U.S. regulators refused to allow sales of the drug."
Keep waiting.

Or lose weight. Properly.

Cancer society challenges Americans to get active

A brilliant new approach!
"The American Cancer Society (ACS) has launched a new 10-week challenge to help people get active, stay active and have fun doing it.

The Get Active Challenge program, online at, allows users to create individualized plans, track their progress, and get friends, family and neighbors involved, Colleen Doyle, director of nutrition and physical activity at the ACS in Atlanta, told Reuters Health. 'You can get other people on a team with you and you can motivate each other,' she explained in an interview."

More of the same sure-to-fail crap.

Your donations are being wasted.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Silence Hinders Diagnosis Of The Prevalent Condition Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder(HSDD)

Couldn't pass this one up even though it is not directly on fitness.
"Data announced at this week's American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) annual clinical meeting suggest that up to one in ten women are suffering from a condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) with only a third of these seeking advice or help from their healthcare professional. HSDD is a highly prevalent, yet under-diagnosed, medical condition that can have a serious, detrimental effect on women's quality of life, causing significant psychological distress and negatively impacting their relationships with their partners...

(DSM-IV) of the American Psychiatric Association, as diminished feelings of sexual interest or desire, absent sexual thoughts or fantasies and lack of responsive desire that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulties and is not caused by a medical condition or drug."
Natural, organic, herbal Spanish Fly supplement will be flying off the shelves to treat this medical industry-created "disease."

As will drugs.

Potential Remedies To Obesity And Its Health Threats Revealed By New Research

This should have been a short review since there is only one remedy for obesity/overweight...

Fewer Calories in than out.
"Researchers unveiled data during this week's Digestive Disease Week® (DDW®) outlining improved bariatric surgery options and studies that offer new insight into the related toll on the body created by obesity, which causes many individuals to develop cancers of the esophagus and pancreas. DDW is the largest international gathering of physicians and researchers in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and gastrointestinal surgery.

Bariatric surgery is a popular option for those who have been unable to achieve weight loss through diet and exercise alone. However, patients need to weigh operative risks and surgical side effects before deciding to proceed with a surgery of this kind."
The malpractice known as bariatric surgery exists because diet and exercise recommendations are impossible and the bad choice to medicalize overweight/obesity has been made.

Learn to do weight control right.

Sleep Apnea Raises Risk Of Low Blood Oxygen During Air Travel

Kudos, fatsos.

Not only do you pose a safety risk to the rest of us who fly, you need special oxygen supplementation while in the air.
"People who have obstructive sleep apnea are more likely to have low blood oxygen and experience higher physiological stress (which can raise heart risk) during air travel than people who do not suffer from the condition, suggesting they may need extra oxygen during flight, like patients with chronic lung diseases."
Lose the weight.

Weight, lifestyle factors tied to urinary symptoms

More piss poor decision-making by fat people.
"Adults who are obese or have less-than-ideal lifestyle habits may be more likely to have multiple, and more severe, urinary problems, new research suggests.

In a study of more than 5,500 men and women ages 30 to 79, researchers found that three-quarters of women and two-thirds of men reported at least one urinary tract symptoms -- such as frequent trips to the bathroom overnight, difficulty emptying the bladder and urinary incontinence.

Obese adults were more likely than their normal-weight counterparts to have multiple, more severe symptoms.

...including urine leakage and incontinence."

A partial explanation for their distinctive aroma.

Great to be fat, eh?

The Battle Against Obesity: Experts And Pharmacists Call For An Increased Role For Pharmacy Across The UK

There is one thing unequivocally correct about this article.

Note "experts and pharmacists." This implies that the two are different.

Pharmacists are not experts in overweight/obesity.

Unfortunately, neither are the experts.
"New data revealed show that the pharmacy profession is increasingly recognising the potential to be involved in weight management, in a bid to stop the rising number of obese and overweight people. Results show 98 per cent of pharmacists in the UK believe that, with support and training, they are well placed to help people with their weight loss efforts."
Translation: they see an opportunity to make a buck (pound).

And who else stands to benefit?

The originators of the article:
"GlaxoSmithKline "

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Erectile Dysfunction a Harbinger of Heart Disease in Diabetes

"Dick or No Dick?,"to paraphrase the name of the TV show.

Fat guys, are you bummed because you ate your way to type 2 diabetes and now your penis doesn't work?
"Erectile dysfunction may be a strong independent marker of early heart disease among men with diabetes, researchers found.

Such men had twice the coronary heart disease incidence as those without erectile dysfunction (19.7 versus 9.5 per 1,000 person-years), reported Peter C.Y. Tong, Ph.D., of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and colleagues in the May 27 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology."
You think you're bummed now?

Wait until the heart disease hits.

Or lose weight.

Your choice.

Presidential Candidates' Health Care Advisers Discuss Role of Federal Government in Providing Coverage to U.S. Residents

An interesting exchange among the Candidates2B's health advisors:
"Tom Miller, an economic adviser to presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), called the plans offered by Democratic candidate Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) "presumptive" and 'counter-productive,' adding that both push for universal coverage before addressing costs...

Hayes and Dora Hughes, Obama's health adviser, both countered Miller by noting that low-cost foods are often the only option for families who cannot afford healthier choices. Hayes said, 'What does personal responsibility mean? Does it mean that someone who is obese and has diabetes should be punished?'"
Apparently it does mean that the rest of us, the calorically responsible, should be punished.

It also appears as if Dr. Hughes has virtually no experience in patient care and is still a health adviser.

Weight Link To Dementia

Makes sense.
"'Obesity doubles the risk of Alzheimer's" is the headline in the Daily Express. It and other news sources report new research which found that people who are obese have an increased risk of all types of dementia."
Double the size, double the risk.

Heightened Awareness Of Obesity Supports Greater Uptake Of Related Surgery Devices

The bariatric surgery malpractice crisis grows.
"A large pool of patients in Europe who have tried different alternatives but have been unsuccessful in losing excess weight are adopting obesity surgery. Growing awareness and the identification of this condition as a disease and not just an outcome of lifestyle have created a relatively strong market for these procedures. Such trends have provided a fillip to the uptake of related obesity surgery devices.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan , European Markets for Obesity Surgery Devices, finds that the markets earned revenues of $119 million in 2007 and estimates this to reach $374 million in 2014."
The one "alternative" they did not try was eating fewer Calories than they burned.

Vitamin D may help curb breast cancer, study finds

Now it's good.
"Breast cancer patients with low levels of vitamin D were much more likely to die of the disease or have it spread than patients getting enough of the nutrient, a study found — adding to evidence the 'sunshine vitamin' has anti-cancer benefits. The results are sure to renew arguments about whether a little more sunshine is a good thing."
Now it's bad.
"Too much sunlight can raise the risk of skin cancer, but small amounts — 15 minutes or so a few times a week without sunscreen — may be beneficial, many doctors believe."
No confusion here.

Yeah, they know what healthy things are.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Experts Define Premature Ejaculation

Believe it.
"An international panel of 21 premature ejaculation experts wrote the definition after reviewing research on the topic and meeting in Amsterdam in October 2007 to discuss the issue. Here is their definition:

'Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation which always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about one minute of vaginal penetration; and, inability to delay ejaculation on all or nearly all vaginal penetrations; and, negative personal consequences, such as distress, bother, frustration, and/or the avoidance of sexual intimacy.'

The panel agreed that the definition is also likely 'to apply to men with premature ejaculation who engage in sexual activities other than vaginal intercourse.'"
In the fitness domain, experts clearly define premature ejaculation as they shoot their mouths off way too soon.

Usually in the process, someone or ones get fu**ed and end/ends up unsatisfied.

The similarities are striking.

BTW, it is nice that the experts allow partners more than "about one minute" for a normal sexual experience.

Childhood Obesity 'Levelling Off' In France

Have the French run out of children?
"France may be the first country in the EU to see signs of a levelling off in the national prevalence of childhood obesity, according to the results of two new surveys."
Nope. Just found more hope in interpreting data:
"In the school zones covered in both surveys, the researchers found that 18.1% of the 1,582 children studied in 2000 were overweight, including 3.8% who were obese, and that 15.8% of the 1,014 children studied in 2007 were overweight, including 3.0% who were obese. However, the difference between the percentages in 2000 and 2007 was not statistically meaningful, which means the prevalence is not considered to have changed...

'It remains to be seen whether this observed stabilization will last. It's only the first suggestion that it could be levelling off.'"
Stay tuned.

Link Found Between Obesity, Unhealthy Lifestyles And More Complex Urinary Problems

Kudos, fatsos.
"People who are obese and lead unhealthy lifestyles are more likely to suffer from a larger number of urinary problems, according to a population-based study of more than 5,000 men and women published in the May issue of the UK-based urology journal BJU International...

According to the Boston Area Community Health Survey (BACH), other health issues that increase the risk of multiple lower urinary tract symptoms include diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease."
Add to the list poor hygiene 'cause the fat are too fat to clean themselves.

Group says Herbalife products have too much lead

Still think that supplements are healthy?

"Six dietary supplements sold by Herbalife Ltd contain dangerous amounts of lead if taken in the recommended dosages, according to information posted on Monday on a Web site linked to a long-time critic of the firm.

Herbalife disputed the claim, saying its weight-loss and nutritional products met regulatory requirements in all of its markets.

'The FDA hasn't established a general limit on lead in foods, but we are certainly well within their suggested guidelines,' Herbalife spokesman George Fischer said in a telephone interview, referring to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which sets dietary guidelines.

The Fraud Discovery Institute posted a letter on its Web site on Monday attributed to Christopher Grell, an attorney in Oakland, California, who specializes in product liability cases.

The letter said recommended daily doses of six Herbalife products contained levels of lead that are dangerous and in excess of what California law allows under its Safe Drinking and Toxic Environment Act. It urged the state to order Herbalife to place 'clear and reasonable warnings' on those products.

Barry Minkow, founder of the institute, has $50,000 invested in Herbalife 'put' options, betting that the company's shares will fall.

Minkow, a San Diego pastor who served more than seven years in jail for stock fraud, now works to uncover fraud through the institute. He has a history of criticizing Los Angeles-based Herbalife.

Minkow said in a telephone interview that his bet that the company's shares will fall was only intended to finance his investigation"
Maybe the pastor is still a crook, maybe not.

We will have to wait and see.

But consider this:
"Minkow previously uncovered a discrepancy in the biography of Gregory Probert, who was then Herbalife's president and chief operating officer, that led to Probert's resignation in April.

Probert had said he had earned an MBA degree at California State University. The company said he had been enrolled at the university during the 1980's but never obtained a degree.

Herbalife's market value, after Monday's stock decline, was $2.61 billion. It had sales of $2.15 billion in 2007.

Last month, Herbalife said that Spain had issued an alert cautioning on the consumption of Herbalife products due to suspicious cases of liver damage. Herbalife said it was in discussions with the ministry."

Stay tuned.

Sleepy brain prone to sudden shutdowns study

Kudos, fatsos, for putting us at risk.

Fat people have a higher incidence of sleep apnea, which results in bad sleep.

"Being deprived of sleep even for one night makes the brain unstable and prone to sudden shutdowns akin to a power failure -- brief lapses that hover between sleep and wakefulness, researchers said on Tuesday...

The findings suggest that people who are sleep-deprived alternate between periods of near-normal brain function and dramatic lapses in attention and visual processing...

He said the lapses seem to suggest that loss of sleep renders the brain incapable of fully fending off the involuntary drive to sleep.

He said the study makes it clear how dangerous sleep deprivation can be while driving on the highway, when even a four-second lapse could lead to a major accident.

'These are not just academic interests,' he said."


Now, complain about the mistaken approach to weight loss by notifying your political representatives and make the roads (waterways and skies) safer.

The life you save may be yours or your loved one's.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Food Stamp Recipients Pinched by High Food Prices

Clearly this is a good thing.

Here is a picture of the ABCNews poster child and her poster parent:

This woman is in need of spending less on food.

She is a fat parent who will likely nutritionally abuse her child into becoming another fat person.

For people like this, who are the statistical majority, their food-buying power should have been cut years ago.

BTW, if the fatsos lost weight and did not drain the economy with their self-created sick care demands and destructive effects on businesses, there would be more money for other things.

But hopefully not food subsidies to the fat.

The Costs of Weight on Business

Paying through the nose to feed the fat through their mouths.
"Epidemic or not, the rate of obesity in the U.S. has skyrocketed in recent decades. Those extra pounds can be as bad for an employer's bottom line as they are for a person's health and waistline."
For example:
"Over the past decade, the extra weight Americans are carrying has weighed heavily on the airline industry alone. According to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (via Newswire), the increase in the average passenger's weight required airlines to use an extra 350 million gallons of fuel at a cost of $275 million each year — and that was based on prices in 2000, when jet fuel cost 79 cents per gallon, compared to roughly $1.80 in February 2007."
"Last year, a Duke University Medical Center study of the health records of more than 11,000 university employees found that obese workers filed twice the number of workers' compensation claims, had seven times higher medical costs from those claims and lost 13 times more days of work from work injury or work illness than other workers. The analysis, published in April 2007's Archives of Internal Medicine, covered a diverse group of workers, such as administrative assistants, groundskeepers, nurses and professors."
Then there's:

"Among American workers participating in corporate health and wellness assessments, obese workers had a substantially higher prevalence of metabolic, circulatory, musculoskeletal and respiratory disorders. In other words, overweight and obese workers are more at risk for many preventable — and costly — diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and stroke.

The average medical claims costs per 100 employees were $51,019 for the obese and just $7,503 for the non-obese, according to the Duke University analysis.

Today, obese employees cost U.S. private employers an estimated $45 billion annually in medical expenditures and work loss, The Conference Board claims. Obesity is associated with a 36 percent increase in spending on health-care services, according to the research firm. If accurate, that is more than smoking or problem drinking."

But, despite all this, the wrong-headed approaches remain:

"The Conference Board says wellness programs to address the obesity issue can get return on investment (ROI) of up to $5 per $1 invested. (The Wellness Council of America estimates that a $1 investment in a wellness program saves $3 in health care costs.)"

No way, as long as the failed approaches of the past are the policies of today.

And they are.

Too, too bad.

Stop catering to the calorically irresponsible.

Beating Obesity

Not even close.
"Parents who have tried everything -- nagging, gym memberships, bribes -- to encourage their children to lose weight are willing to shell out $25,000 to $50,000 to send them to a place that could have the answer."
First, they have not "tried everything."

They did not try fewer Calories in than out, especially before their kids blimpified.

Second, once you have to ante up $25-$50 K to do what should cost less, you have lost.

Third, there is no guarantee the effects will last.

This is great work, if you can get it.

The Conversion Of White-To-Brown Fat Cells As A Therapeutic Treatment For Obesity

Alchemy alert! Conversion Of Lead-To-Gold As A Therapeutic Treatment For Poverty.
"Since brown adipose tissue (BAT) and white adipose tissue (WAT) have essentially antagonistic roles in energy homeostasis (WAT stores calories; BAT burns them), insight into the genetics of adipocyte specification is particularly interesting to those contemplating the conversion of white-to-brown fat cells as a therapeutic treatment for obesity and obesity-related disorders...

Dr. Spiegelman feels that 'As we learn more about the molecular mechanisms by which PRDM16 acts, we hope to be able to use this pathway to modulate metabolism in living organisms to counteract obesity and diabetes'". (sic)
Dr. Spiegelman is a moron.

FDA stresses birth defect risks with Roche drug

Still waiting for a drug to cure your overweight/obesity?
"Health regulators warned again Friday that Roche and Novartis drugs prescribed to organ transplant patients can cause miscarriages and birth defects when used by pregnant women.

The Food and Drug Administration last October said it received reports of miscarriages and infants born with ear and mouth birth defects after their mothers took Roche's CellCept. At the time, FDA added its most serious warning to CellCept and a similar Novartis AG drug, Myfortic."

Then you are still stupid.

More complications of diet drugs will be found as time passes. This can take years.

"A spokesman for Roche said it has not received any new reports of miscarriages or birth defects since updating the drug's labeling. The company previously reported 25 miscarriages among 77 women exposed to the drug between 1995 and 2007."

Being an idiot is a choice, as is being fat.

You might want to consider making better choices.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Erectile dysfunction predicts heart problems: study

Ever get that sinking feeling?
"Problems with maintaining an erection may foretell heart trouble ahead for men with type 2 diabetes, two new studies show.A number of past studies have found a connection between erectile dysfunction (ED) and heart disease. But the new findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, confirm that ED often precedes and predicts heart trouble."
Type 2 diabetes is fat person diabetes.

But even if your penis doesn't work, there are some bright spots.

One. You have a better chance of knowing your future. It is heart disease. You can show how smart you are by predicting your future at parties, betting at bars, etc.

Two. You have less to worry about paternity suits since you can't keep it up long enough to make a difference.

Three. You can maintain what little self-esteem you have left. Since you are so fat that you ate your way into a dysfunctional penis, you probably have to settle for fat, unattractive partners anyway. Since your penis isn't working, you don't have to humble yourself by having sex with some fatty. If you can reach, that is.

Four. Hopefully you will not reproduce and bring a fat, nutritionally abused child into the world.

Don't worry. Be happy.


Diet, exercise tied to cancer survivor well-being

So, let them not be so well if that is their choice.
"Just 5 percent of U.S. cancer survivors are meeting experts' recommendations on diet, physical activity and cigarette smoking, a new survey shows.

But the more recommendations a cancer survivor did meet, the better his or her health-related quality of life (HRQoL), Dr. Christopher Blanchard, of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and colleagues found."

As long as we don't have to pay for their choice or otherwise be burdened by their adult decision-making, it is up to them.

Consumers cut driving but not diets: poll

More bad decision-making by fat people.

Not to cut back on driving. Failing to cut back on Calories.
"As prices at gasoline pumps and grocery stores rise U.S. consumers say they are driving less but they can't cut down on eating, a new poll found.

Nearly half of respondents to a Reuters/Zogby poll of likely voters in the presidential election later this year said they are driving less to compensate for record U.S. gasoline prices, which hit a record average of $3.80 per gallon on Tuesday according to travel club AAA.

But only about 8 percent of the 1076 respondents in the national poll said they were eating less generally to cope with rising food prices, the poll said."

A possibly odd result, since according to some:

"Pigs “have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly [more so than] three-year-olds,” says Dr. Donald Broom, a Cambridge University professor and a former scientific advisor to the Council of Europe. Pigs can play video games, and when given the choice, they have indicated temperature preferences.

These facts are not surprising to anyone who has spent time around these social, playful animals. Pigs, who have a great sense of smell and can live into their teens, are protective of their young and form bonds with other pigs. Pigs are clean animals, but they do not have sweat glands, so they take to the mud to stay cool and ward off flies."

Guess fat people are not smarter than the average pig.

Weight Discrimination Could Be as Common as Racial Bias

The title of the webpage is "Hate Meets Weight: Weight Bias Up"

It is interesting that the morons at ABCNews equate alleged bias with hate.

"Among severely obese people, about 28 percent of men and 45 percent of women said they have experienced discrimination because of their weight."
This is, of course, more self-reported crap disguised as news and valid data.
"'Until we clean up language like 'war on obesity' and have authorities speak out about it, discrimination will continue to increase,' she says."
Arguably, 100% of those of us who are calorically responsible suffer discrimination on a daily basis having to pay for the excesses of fat people.

Perhaps, if fat people cleaned up their acts, became calorically responsible and ceased to nutritionally abuse their children, ill-affect businesses from their decreased productivity, raise sick care costs, imperil us on the roads and in the skies and decrease their absenteeism from work, their perceived discrimination would instantly disappear.

Just like food in front of their faces.

Bio-Synergy Poll Reveals British Women Are Happy With Their Weight, UK

This guy and his company are so crooked, they belong on Oprah, IMHO. (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here)
"Bio-Synergy, market leaders in sports nutrition and functional waters unveils startling survey results which demonstrate that British women are confident in how they look. The Bio-Synergy survey reveals that 64% of female adult respondents aged 16+ are comfortable with their current weight and interestingly, when it comes to relationships, it seems that women have more body confidence than men with 10% of women trying to maintain their body shape to please their partner in comparison to 25% of men!...

'Whilst we perceive women as becoming increasingly body conscious, the latest poll indicates that they are comfortable in their own skin and not resorting to fad diets in an effort to maintain their optimum weight. This fact bears out our view that consumers instead want functional modern solutions that help maintain a healthy weight such as high functional waters and supplements, which, Bio-Synergy provide.'"
Boycott these self-serving, predatory thieves.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Healthy Eating Pyramid Now Freely Downloadable From Harvard School Of Public Health

More crap from Harvard.
"One of the highlights of the new, improved site is a freely downloadable version of the Healthy Eating Pyramid, built by Nutrition faculty at the School, which should appeal to educators and health professionals as well as institutions such as schools and hospitals."
This is speculation and conjecture at its ivory tower best.

Nutrition-wise, health is related to BMI which related to Calories in vs. Calories out.

End of conversation.

Their espousing vitamin supplementation is guesswork and the recommendation to "forget about numbers and focus on quality" is simply wrong.

This is to be expected from people who cannot do the math.

Danger! Danger! Warning, consumer!

Juice may beat fruit for preventing heart disease

No, you beat fruit to make juice.
"Grapes, apples and their juices can prevent the development of atherosclerosis in hamsters eating a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet, French researchers have found.

Fruit juices had a more powerful anti-atherosclerotic effect than the fruit itself, Dr. Kelly Decorde of the Universite Montpellier and colleagues found, showing for the first time that processing fruit can have a 'major impact' on its health benefits."

How stupid is this?

The stuff supposedly worked on "hamsters eating a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet."

Assuming the same would be true for humans, not "eating a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet" should have a more "major impact" than rescue by processed fruit.


Reducing Global Demand For Food And Fuel By Reducing Obesity

And air, too, from all that huffing and puffing.
"A Correspondence letter published in The Lancet calls attention to the relationship between transportation and food. Dr. Phil Edwards and Dr. Ian Roberts (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK) claim that promoting healthy urban transport policies - walking and cycling, for example - would contribute to a decline in both the demand for world oil and the current insecurity of the global food chain. The greatest gains, they say, would not be through a general decline in car use, but through a reduction in the excess food and car use demands that come from the obese portion of the population."
Probably atmospheric methane and other gases can be reduced by controlling the emissions of fat people, also.

Link Discovered Between Genetic Variation And Desire For Sugary Food

"A new study released in the online edition of Physiological Genomics finds that individuals with a specific genetic variation consistently consume more sugary foods. The study offers the first evidence of the role that a variation in the GLUT2 gene - a gene that controls sugar entry into the cells - has on sugar intake, and may help explain individual preferences for foods high in sugar."
And now what?

Are they gonna "fix" the genetic variation?

Like they fixed all the genetic reasons for cancer (which they have been researching forever) and hair loss?

If you fall for this you have to be a moron.

Likely a fat moron.

Expanded Food And Nutrition Program Shows $10 Benefit For Each $1 Spent

Creative accounting.
"A program to teach low-income adults about healthy food choices is a good bargain in terms of the health and economic benefits achieved, reports a cost-effectiveness study in the May/June issue of Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

The cost of the program was about $900 per graduate. A cost-benefit analysis was performed to assess the value of the benefits from a societal perspective, as used by the US Office of Management and Budget. "Cost-effectiveness was estimated to be as great as for many current health interventions," said Dr. Dollahite. The quality-of-life improvements produced by EFNEP were estimated to be worth more than $49 million. The benefit-to-cost ratio was therefore $9.59 per $1 - each dollar spent on EFNEP resulted in about $10 in benefits."
Of course, these are likely future projections based on assumptions that whatever these people were taught will stick forever.

Wanna bet?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obesity tied to risk of psychiatric disorders

How's this possible?
"Obesity is a well known risk factor for certain physical health problems, but a new study suggests that heavy adults also have higher rates of psychiatric disorders.

Using data from a national health survey of more than 40,000 Americans, researchers found that obese adults were up to twice as likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions as normal-weight adults."

What could fat people who huff and puff at the slightest exertion, wear muumuus, need special equipment just to clean themselves and wipe their butts and require ton-tested toilets just to go potty be depressed or anxious about?

A real mystery.

Drugs Alone Don't Lower Heart Disease Risks for Overweight Americans

Still think a drug will help your heart, fat person?
"Daily doses of statins and blood pressure medications will not be enough to prevent heart disease among the ever-growing number of Baby Boomers who are overweight or obese, a new study suggests.

The simple truth, experts say, is that pounds must also be shed to keep cardiovascular trouble away."

Think again.

Then lose the weight.

New MESA Data Show Obesity Is Not Inevitable

Really, really stupid headline alert!
"A new analysis of the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) has found that while 30% to 50% of blacks, whites, and Hispanics are obese, only 5% of Chinese Americans are. The data document the widespread epidemic of overweight and obesity across most racial/ethnic and age groups and among both sexes, say Dr Gregory L Burke (Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC) and colleagues in the May 12, 2008, issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Burke told heartwire: 'The key finding is that the alarming rates of obesity that we are getting used to seeing are present here — and remember, this is a group of folks who were free of any cardiovascular disease at baseline. Our metric has changed, society has shifted up to an acceptance level of obesity, but when you bring in the Chinese Americans, it reminds us that those set points are wrong — obesity is not inevitable.'"

Now we have to convince people that obesity is not inevitable?


So is this:

"'We are coping with the obesity epidemic by having 40% to 60% of our participants on BP-lowering meds, 20% on lipid-lowering meds, and 10% to 20% on insulin or oral hypoglycemics,' says Burke, 'and there are a couple of parts to that. First, it's costing society money.' He and his colleagues estimate the direct costs of obesity to exceed $90 million annually in the United States. 'Second, the obesity epidemic looks set to reverse the 50-year decline in cardiovascular mortality that has been seen in the US and other Western countries." He adds that this is 'infecting' the developing world too, where 'the ability to have 40% to 50% of their population on antihypertensives is nil.'"

As it this:

"Burke says the fundamental issue is 'of calories being cheap and the move toward a more sedentary society.'"

That is NOT the fundamental issue.

The fundamental issue is too many Calories in relative to Calories out. Cost is not the issue.

Caloric irresponsibility is.

Without TV ads, restless legs may take a hike

The strength of marketing and a suggestion.

First, marketing strength.
"After a speedy rise as one of the nation’s oddest-sounding designer disorders, restless legs syndrome may have run its course.

In 2005, the federal Food and Drug Administration approved the first medication targeting the twitching condition, propelling the problem to household-name status and launching a multimillion-dollar consumer advertising campaign by manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline...

At least one sleep disorder specialist expects the focus on restless legs syndrome to fade as rapidly as the Requip television commercials — which have already been pulled from the airwaves.

'Restless legs syndrome is a great example of a suddenly out-of-the-blue disease,' said Dr. Christopher J. Earley, an associate professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore who treats the disorder."

Okay, so the diagnosis is fabricated and the drug is bull.

Now a suggestion.

Poor GlaxoSmithKline can still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

There is this odd idea out there called NEAT.

I think it is stupid.

But, it gets support as does lots of other crap.

Basically NEAT is purported to be a way the body burns lots and lots and lots of Calories from just twitching.

GSK has positioned itself as the Restless Leg Syndrome drug experts.

Why lose the value of that branding?

Instead of suppressing RLS, enhance it as a cure for overweight and obesity.

They can call it NEAT Legs Syndrome or NEATLS, (rhymes with needles).

Everybody is fat and everybody thought they had RLS.

Now the same morons can buy the drug to turn their "already existing condition" into a real fat burner.

If GSK sold pharmaceutical grade ankle weights, they could claim their NEATLS drug helps burn fat and build muscle.

The "Workout While You West" campaign. ("West" as in Elmer Fudd's "Rest" since you can do it lying down)

They probably will steal the concept and not pay me a penny.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Research links common chemicals to obesity

"Research links common idiots to obesity research."

"Exposure in the womb to common chemicals used to make everything from plastic bottles to pizza box liners may program a person to become obese later in life, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

Their studies of mice showed animals exposed to even tiny amounts of the chemicals during development were fatter when they grew older compared with mice not exposed to the compounds, they told the 2008 European Congress on Obesity.

'We are talking about an exposure at very low levels for a finite time during development,' said Jerry Heindel of the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

"The fact that it is such a sensitive period, it may be altering the tissue and making people more susceptible to obesity."

The World Health Organization estimates some 400 million people are obese, a problem that raises the risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Previous studies have linked these chemicals -- also found in water pipes -- to cancer and reproductive problems, prompting a number of countries and U.S. states to consider potential bans or limits of the compounds, the researchers said."

Thank the Lord they found THE cause of ALL of the things harming us.


"'We are calling this an emerging hypothesis,' Heindel said. 'Most of the data is in animals and we want to develop some biomarkers that could be used in humans.'"

Then again, maybe not.


Study Documents Prevalence Of Obesity And Its Association With Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Several Ethnic Groups

The Overfatness Club, a Rainbow People's Party.
"Obesity rates appear high in most but not all ethnic groups in the United States, and extra weight is associated with cardiovascular risk factors and markers of sub-clinical heart disease, according to a report in the May 12 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals."
"High," is a relative term.
"'These data confirm the epidemic of obesity in most but not all racial and ethnic groups,' the authors conclude. 'The observed low prevalence of obesity in Chinese American participants indicates that high rates of obesity should not be considered inevitable. These findings may be viewed as indicators of potential future increases in vascular disease burden and health care costs associated with the obesity epidemic.'"
Every group is affected.

Obesity contributes to global warming: study

Sure. Why not?
"Obesity contributes to global warming, too.

Obese and overweight people require more fuel to transport them and the food they eat, and the problem will worsen as the population literally swells in size, a team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine says."

If only fuel were not so expensive, we could send the fat to another planet.


Too Much Or Too Little Weight Gain Poses Risks To Pregnant Mothers, Babies

More self-abuse resulting in child abuse.
"Women who gain more or less than recommended amounts of weight during pregnancy are likely to increase the risk of problems for both themselves and their child, according to a new report by the RTI International-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Evidence-based Practice Center...

Among the report's key findings is a strong association between high maternal weight gain and increased fetal growth and infant birth weight, which can contribute to complications during labor if a baby is too big, and can lead to long term health effects for the child. High maternal weight gain also is associated with cesarean delivery and weight retention by mothers after childbirth...

The report was prompted by several trends, including an increase in the number of American women who are overweight and obese, as well as the number who gain more weight during pregnancy than amounts laid out in the Institute of Medicine's 1990 recommendations for maternal weight gain. Public health officials also are concerned about an increase in pregnancy complications such as diabetes and cesarean delivery."
Stop the child abuse.

Caveman Fad Diet

Eat like a caveman and prove you are as smart as one, too.
"'Eat like a caveman for a healthy heart', is the headline in The Daily Telegraph...It and several other newspapers report on a new study which claims that a 'paleolithic' or caveman diet of berries, nuts, lean meat and fish 'could help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease'.

The story is based on a small, short study of 20 young healthy volunteers which had a 30% drop out rate, with complete data for only six people available. However, these six people reduced their calorie intake by about 900 calories to about 1500 calories a day and the whole group of 14 who managed to stick with the study, lost on average 5lbs (2.3kg) in three weeks. There was no control group, so it is not possible to say whether there is anything about a caveman diet compared with any other low calorie diet that produces the weight loss or the other changes noted."
And this is what passes for research.

Government to unveil fitness test for adults

"An adult fitness test is being introduced Wednesday by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. It will incorporate several of the exercises that millions of students undertake each year as they aim for a certificate signed by the president."
"'What were trying to do is inspire and motivate Americans to move their bodies more,' said Melissa Johnson, executive director of the council."
Hey, Lady!

If the increased risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer don't "inspire and motivate Americans" to do something about themselves, are you really that stupid to think that this will?
"The scores from all four of the fitness tests can be entered online. Other information, such as age, gender, height and weight are also part of the equation.You won't get a presidential certificate, but the results will then show where you rank among people of the same age."
Now that is inspiration and motivation.



Sunday, May 18, 2008

Acid problem common at diabetes diagnosis in kids

Kudos, fatsos.

More child abuse from fattening up your kids for the kill.
"When first diagnosed with diabetes, roughly one in four children and teens in the US have a potentially life-threatening condition that makes their blood more acidic than normal, according to a report in the journal Pediatrics.

Known as diabetic ketoacidosis, the condition occurs when insulin levels in the body are so low that virtually no sugar is able to enter cells and provide energy. As a result, the body begins breaking down fat for energy, but this leads to the build-up of acidic chemicals called ketones into the blood. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, chest pain, rapid shallow breathing, and trouble staying awake. Coma and even death can occur if the problem is not addressed expeditiously.

The key finding is that in the United States close to 30 percent of children with type 1 diabetes and 10 percent of those with type 2 diabetes have potentially life-threatening ketoacidosis at the time of diagnosis. "

Type 2 diabetes is fat person diabetes.

Shame on you for putting your children at risk.

Save the children.

Ads touting dairy for weight loss "misleading"

Like I have been saying for years...(an example)
"Recent claims that low-fat dairy products or calcium can help people lose weight are untrue, according to a review of the published scientific literature, which shows that neither dairy products in general nor calcium intake promote weight loss.

'Don't believe the hype,' Dr. Amy Joy Lanou told Reuters Health. 'The ads that promote milk as helping to achieve a healthy weight are misleading; the science does not support these ads.'

Lanou, an assistant professor in the department of health and wellness at the University of North Carolina in Asheville and Neal D. Barnard with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, DC, evaluated evidence from 49 clinical trials that assessed whether dairy products or calcium can help people lose weight.

Of the 49 trials, 41 showed no effects of diary or calcium on weight, two showed an increase in body weight with a dairy regimen, one showed a lower rate of weight gain and only five showed weight loss."

Big White, Big not so white lies.

Hormone Therapy Linked to Stroke Risk Regardless of Timing of Treatment Initiation

Consider this the next time you think that therapy with hormones is a good idea for controlling how much you shove in your pie-hole.
"New analysis of data from the Nurses' Health Study (NHS) suggests that hormone therapy (HT) is associated with an increased risk for stroke, regardless of the treatment strategy or the timing of treatment initiation."
So no matter when you treat, your squash is at a greater risk of harm.

Of course, with the right stroke, you might be unable to lift your arm to your mouth and you might lose weight.

I personally think that is an extreme remedy.

Your choice.

Policy Intervention With Potential: Forbid Unhealthy Snacks And Sell Fruit

So what? No potential shown here.
"The most interesting policy impact was found in schools that had fruit tuck shops along with policies that forbade students to bring food or only allowed fruit to be brought to school. Compared to children in schools that did not have a fruit tuck shop, children in tuck-shop schools in which only fruit was allowed to be brought consumed 0.37 more portions of fruit per day. Children in schools that forbade any type of food to be brought consumed 0.14 more fruit portions each day. At schools that did not have restrictions on what type of food could be brought, children consumed less fruit than in other schools - whether or not the school had a fruit tuck shop."

Obesity Linked To Increased Risk For Dementia

Kudos, fatsos.
"Obesity may increase adults' risk for having dementia, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Their analysis of published obesity and dementia prospective follow-up studies over the past two decades shows a consistent relationship between the two diseases. The results are published by The International Association for the Study of Obesity in the May, 2008 issue of Obesity Reviews.

'Our analysis of the data shows a clear association between obesity and an increased risk for dementia and several clinical subtypes of the disease,' said Youfa Wang, MD, PhD, senior author of the study and associate professor with the Bloomberg School's Center for Human Nutrition. 'Subjects with a healthy body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference saw a decreased risk for dementia than their counterparts with an elevated BMI or waist circumference.'"
A reason to be proud of yourselves.

If only you were aware enough.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

U.S. obesity rates alarmingly high

Kudos, fatsos.
"New research shows 'alarming levels' of obesity in most ethnic groups in the United States, principal investigator Dr. Gregory L. Burke, of Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina told Reuters Health. The study also confirms the potentially deadly toll obesity exacts on the heart and blood vessels.

'The obesity epidemic has the potential to reduce further gains in U.S. life expectancy, largely through an effect on cardiovascular disease mortality (death),' Burke and colleagues warn in the latest issue of Archives of Internal Medicine."

And as to the drugs to keep these fat people functioning at their low levels:

"The investigators also found that obese adults, compared with normal-weight adults, had higher rates of high blood pressure (up to more than twice as high), abnormal lipids (two- to three-fold higher), and diabetes, despite a 'huge number' being on costly medications to lower blood pressure and lipid levels and control diabetes, Burke said.

'As the obesity numbers increase further, we will spend an even larger amount of health care dollars just treating risk factors,' Burke said."

Don't stand for it. Fight back.

"Obese adults also had more silent vascular disease (blood vessel disease that causes no symptoms); they had more atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and thicker heart walls, even after adjusting for 'traditional' risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels...

'Our findings support the imperative to redouble our efforts to assist in increasing healthy behaviors and to remove...barriers to maintaining a healthy weight,' Burke and colleagues conclude."

Would be a good idea, but for the fact that expert weight loss advice is the number one cause of diet failure.

Now there is a Catch-22 for you.

Increased Risks For Infection And Dislocation Faced By Obese Patients Following Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

Kudos, fatsos.
"Along with age and injuries, obesity is a leading risk factor for osteoarthritis (OA), a painful and disabling joint disease. While excessive weight can aggravate the toll on almost any joint, obesity has been associated with a higher prevalence of hip OA and an increase in total hip arthroplasty (THA)...

Overall, 20 complications occurred in 17 (33 percent) of the 52 obese patients, compared with 18 events in 13 (9 percent) of the 152 non-obese patients. In terms of specific complications, the incident rate was 4 times higher for surgical site infection and 3.5 times higher for dislocation. Even more striking, the incidence rate for occurrence of one or more adverse events rose with rising BMI. This increase was small between normal and overweight patients - 1.5 times higher. Yet, it became significantly greater in the group with a BMI between 30 and 34.9 - 4.5 times higher than normal weight patients. And it escalated to an alarmingly increase in the group with a BMI of 35 or more - 10.9 times higher. In these calculations, adjustments were performed for age, sex, and preoperative health status. "
Scissors over paper, paper over rock, rock over scissors.

Fat over metal hips.

Caution Recommended For New Anti-Obesity Drug In Children

"A new class of anti-obesity drugs that suppresses appetite by blocking cannabinoid receptors in the brain could also suppress the adaptive rewiring of the brain necessary for neural development in children, studies with mice have indicated. One such drug, rimonabant (trade name Acomplia) has been developed by Sanofi-Aventis and is awaiting approval for use in the U.S., and other pharmaceutical companies are developing similar drugs."
As if they should not always use "caution" with any drug and for anyone.

Duchess 'plans UK fat campaign'

The blind leading the fat.
"The Duchess, who herself has battled weight problems, has been a spokeswoman for WeightWatchers in the US for more than a decade."
WeightWatchers is that crappy diet program that does not work.
"After making the two-part documentary on obesity and eating, the Duchess said Britain was eating itself 'to death'". (sic)
The Duchess is apparently champing at the bit to hasten the process.

"Tallow" ho!

Exercise may protect girls from future breast cancer

Although you will weigh more with both your breasts intact, it seems like a fair trade-off to me.
"Get your daughters off the couch: New research shows exercise during the teen years — starting as young as age 12 — can help protect girls from breast cancer when they're grown. Middle-aged women have long been advised to get active to lower their risk of breast cancer after menopause.

What's new: That starting so young pays off, too.

'This really points to the benefit of sustained physical activity from adolescence through the adult years, to get the maximum benefit,' said Dr. Graham Colditz of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, the study's lead author.

Researchers tracked nearly 65,000 nurses ages 24 to 42 who enrolled in a major health study. They answered detailed questionnaires about their physical activity dating back to age 12. Within six years of enrolling, 550 were diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause. A quarter of all breast cancer is diagnosed at these younger ages, when it's typically more aggressive.

Women who were physically active as teens and young adults were 23 percent less likely to develop premenopausal breast cancer than women who grew up sedentary, researchers report Wednesday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The biggest impact was regular exercise from ages 12 to 22."

Even if it is not true, i.e., bad research, still seems as if it couldn't hurt.

Especially since a child might avoid the other bad illnesses associated with unfitness.

Friday, May 16, 2008

After School Activity Reduces Excess Weight Gain In Adolescent Girls

And herein lie the problems, not the solution.
"The middle school years is the time when time kids spend begin to spend less time in physical activity, a growing concern as youth obesity rates rise. A new study of middle school girls shows that after-school programs, in addition to school physical education classes, may be one answer to reducing obesity in teens. The just-released results of the Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls (TAAG) showed that moderate to vigorous after-school physical activity, in programs that can range from hip hop dancing to surfing, can modestly increase the amount of physical activity for young teenage girls, to the point that it could prevent excess weight gain of about two pounds per year. If sustained, that extra activity could prevent a girl from becoming overweight as a teenager or adult. Results are published in the article, "Promoting Physical Activity in Middle School Girls," in the March issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine."
The first problem is that for all the effort, cost and resources, only two pounds difference resulted.

This, of course. proves just how bad exercise is for weight loss.

"This finding occurred after three years of the intervention, but not after two years."
Three years of effort to cut weight gain by 2 pounds.


The next problem is the one absolutely fatal to any program similar to this.

Increased physical activity must lead to weight loss when more Calories are burned than consumed.

It is obvious that these kids are consuming too many Calories since they continue to gain weight though at a slower pace.

The problem is the toxic place called home where children go to get nutritionally abused by parents without concern for their kid's well-being.

This problem is undefeatable by the silly approaches such as the one studied.

WAFACS Published: No CVD Benefit in Longest-Duration Folic-Acid/B-Vitamin Supplementation Study

Still think they know what a safe and effective supplement is?
"Authors of one of the longest-duration studies looking at folic-acid/B-vitamin supplementation to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events say homocysteine is likely still a useful marker for risk prediction, but the wind has all but gone out of the sails of homocysteine lowering as a means of preventing cardiovascular (CV) events...

'The findings cast further doubt on the role of folic acid and B vitamins in preventing cardiovascular events, despite their effect on homocysteine lowering,' she said. 'Even with long duration of treatment, there was no evidence of cardiovascular risk reduction, and we did see a significant reduction in homocysteine.'"

Study Supports Reason For Concern In Childhood And Adolescent Obesity

Stop the presses! This just in.
"Study findings presented at the May 2008 Pediatric Academic Societies and Asian Society for Pediatric Research Joint Meeting indicate that childhood and adolescent obesity negatively impacts vascular endothelial function, which relates to cardiac health."
You mean being fat can have a bad consequence?

No way.


Medical Mystery: The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep

Why isn't this kid fat?
"Rhett is awake nearly 24 hours a day, and his condition has baffled his parents and doctors for years. They took clock shifts watching his every sleep-deprived mood to determine what ailed the young boy."
Here is a picture of Rhett:

If the experts are correct, this kid ought to be a blimp.

Of course, the fly in the ointment is that the experts have to be right.

This is not possible.

Or maybe the kid is unaware of the party line, so he doesn't fatten up.

Yep, this is a real "Medical Mystery" as the morons at ABCNews have called it.

A real mystery.

Short Sleep Duration And Obesity: A Consistent, Worldwide Association

A consistent lie.
"A study published in the May 1 issue of the journal SLEEP is the first attempt to quantify the strength of the cross-sectional relationships between duration of sleep and obesity in both children and adults. Cross-sectional studies from around the world show a consistent increased risk of obesity among short sleepers in children and adults, the study found."
Also note no cause and effect, just association.

And who would be so ruthless as to lie about this stuff?
"Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine "

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tackle obesity like smoking: researcher

Globally-based crap from WHO. You can't get much more pervasive than that.
"Tackling the global obesity epidemic will require governments to take similar action to that many used to curb smoking, a top researcher said on Wednesday.

This could include regulations that restrict how companies market "junk" food to children and requirements for schools to serve healthy meals, said Professor Boyd Swinburn, a public health researcher who works with the World Health Organisation.

'The brakes on the obesity epidemic need to be policy-led and governments need to take centre stage,' Swinburn, a researcher at Deakin University in Australia, told Reuters at the 2008 European Congress on Obesity.

'Governments have to lead the way they did with the tobacco epidemic. We need hard-hitting messages.'"

We are awash in hard-hitting messages.

Problem is the messages are wrong.

As is this fool, Swinebum.

Dairy Products, Weight Loss And Misleading Advertisements

No surprise here.
"There have been recent claims that dairy products can help people lose weight, and the dairy industry has hyped the assertion by investing millions of dollars in commercial advertising. However, a new review of the evidence published in the journal Nutrition Reviews reveals that neither dairy nor calcium intake promotes weight loss."
Big White has been pulling the cowhide over our eyes for years.

Gene Sequence That Can Make Half Of Us Fatter Is Discovered

Which half? Upper, lower, front or back?
"A gene sequence linked to an expanding waist line, weight gain and a tendency to develop type 2 diabetes has been discovered as part of a study published in the journal Nature Genetics."
This is, of course, crap.

No gene in the world will make anyone fatter in the absence of more Calories in than out.

It is all a lie.

Low-income Hispanic Women Buy, Eat More Healthy Foods Than Low-Income Blacks, Whites, Study Finds

There are no "healthy" foods, but this article does put the lie to you gotta be rich to eat healthily.
"Low-income Hispanic women are more likely than their black and white counterparts to follow diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Reuters Health reports...

According to Reuters, the Hispanic women likely followed a traditional Hispanic diet, which includes more beans, grains and produce than the typical U.S. diet."
So much for the "you gotta do" Mediterranean Diet.

None of this stuff makes a known difference.

Only Calories in and Calories out does.

Early Atherosclerosis Prevented By Apples, Apple Juice In Animal Model

Oh, yeah?
"A new study shows that apples and apple juice are playing the same health league as the often-touted purple grapes and grape juice. The study was published in the April 2008 issue of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research."
Sez who?
"Source: U.S. Apple Association"
Credible to the core?

Or the work of worms?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obesity Significantly Raises Dementia Risk - Underweight Also Raises Risk

Try to remember to put the fork down.

Try to remember to not put the food in your mouth.
"Being obese can increase the risk of Alzheimer's Disease by as much as 80 per cent, according to a study in the May issue of Obesity Reviews.
Oh, you can't?

Study: Over half of Americans on chronic medicines

Kudos, fatsos.

Not only are you in the majority, you also made us a majority drug-dependent country.
"For the first time, it appears that more than half of all insured Americans are taking prescription medicines regularly for chronic health problems, a study shows.

The most widely used drugs are those to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol — problems often linked to heart disease, obesity and diabetes."

Of course, it is not only the fault of the pigs. Other animals on the sick care farm are to blame, too.

There are the turkeys who call for the same old, same old failing approach to fix what they have caused and will only worsen.

"Dr. Sidney Wolfe of Public Citizen's Health Research Group said the increased use of medications is partly because the most heavily advertised drugs are for chronic conditions, so most patients will take them for a long time. He also blames doctors for not spending the time to help patients lose weight and make other healthy changes before writing a prescription."

At least these problems are ones the entire family can share.

"The study highlights a surge in children's use of medicines to treat weight-related problems and other illnesses previously considered adult problems. Medco estimates about 1.2 million American children now are taking pills for Type 2 diabetes, sleeping troubles and gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn.

'A scarier problem is that body weights are so much higher in children in general, and so we're going to have larger numbers of adults who develop high blood pressure or abnormal cholesterol or diabetes at an earlier age,' said Jones, of the heart association.

Dr. Richard Gorman, an American Academy of Pediatrics expert on children's medicines, said more children are taking medicines for "adult conditions" partly because manufacturers now provide pediatric doses, liquid versions or at least information to determine the right amount for a child."

Nice. Families are staying closer together because they are too fat and unfit to move any distance from each other.

APA: Antipsychotic Benefits in Kids Offset by Weight Gain

"Pediatric patients get a "clear-cut benefit" from antipsychotic drugs, but at the cost of immediate -- and worrisome -- changes in body fat and lipids, a researcher said here...

'Wherever you start,' Dr. Newcomer said, 'you're seeing more than a 10% increase in BMI percentile.'"
Being a fat kid. It's enough to drive them psychotic.

Nitrates In Vegetables Protect Against Gastric Ulcers

Still think they know what a "healthy" food is?
"Fruits and vegetables that are rich in nitrates protect the stomach from damage. This takes place through conversion of nitrates into nitrites by the bacteria in the oral cavity and subsequent transformation into biologically active nitric oxide in the stomach. The Swedish researcher Joel Petersson has described the process, which also means that antibacterial mouthwashes can be harmful for the stomach.

'Nitrates in food have long been erroneously linked to an increased risk of cancer,' says Joel Petersson of Uppsala University's Department of Medical Cell Biology."
You really, really have to be a friggin' idiot if you do.

Eat healthily. That is known.

Sleeping Too Much Or Too Little Linked To Poor Health Habits, CDC Study

Call the sleep police!
"A new study suggests that American adults who usually sleep fewer than 6 hours a night are more likely to have poor health habits than those who sleep 7 to 8 hours. The findings also suggest a similar poor pattern of health behaviours for those who usually sleep 9 hours or more."
While you're on the phone, take a moment to call the headline police, too.
"However, the authors were keen to stress that the finding (sic) do not prove that too much or too little sleep causes poor health behaviours, or the other way around. More research would be needed to investigate causes, they said."

Still, don't be surprised if calls for a national Greenwich Wake-up Time are just around the corner.

Increased Commitment To Prevention A Must, Australia


A think tank that thinks. Sometimes.
"The Australian Medical Association rejected a think tank report that labels efforts to prevent obesity and chronic diseases a waste of money.

The Centre for Independent Studies claims that there is no convincing evidence that preventative health measures work, and Australia's 40-year track record of public health education campaigns have not achieved outcomes."
They only did not think far enough.

Prevention and weight loss efforts fail because prevention and weight loss advice is wrong.

As to the AMA.
"The AMA believes that responsibility for addressing the obesity epidemic is a 'whole-of-society' responsibility - which includes governments, the food industry, the health and education sectors, and individuals." (emphasis added)
They want the care dollars for themselves.

If society has to go to hell in a hand basket, better to line yours with money.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

APA: Higher BMI Associated with Worse Bipolar Outcomes

Kudos, fatsos.
"Bipolar patients who are obese are significantly less likely to respond to lithium than those of normal weight, a researcher said here.

And those who have an elevated body mass index (BMI) but aren't obese have an intermediate likelihood of responding to the drug, according to Cynthia Calkin, M.D., of Dalhousie University in Halifax. The differences in response by BMI were significant at P=0.01."
Maybe they should look into schizophrenia since the fatties are eating for at least two.

Not All Fat Created Equal

As if.
"It has long been known that type 2 diabetes is linked to obesity, particularly fat inside the belly. Now, researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center have found that fat from other areas of the body can actually reduce insulin resistance and improve insulin sensitivity.

In a study published in the May issue of Cell Metabolism, a team lead by C. Ronald Kahn, M.D. found that subcutaneous fat -- fat found below the skin, usually in the hips and thighs -- is associated with reduced insulin levels and improved insulin sensitivity."
But here is the point.
"'This points to a new opportunity to find substances made by subcutaneous fat that may actually be good for glucose metabolism,'' said Dr. Kahn, Head of the Joslin Research Section on Obesity and Hormone Action and the Mary K. Iacocca Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. 'If we can identify how subcutaneous fat does this, we will have a big clue as to where to look for these substances.'"
A "new opportunity" to SELL you something.

If you did not get fat in the first place, you would not have type 2 diabetes.

If you lose the weight, you will lose the diabetes and save money, too.

Research of, by and for the crooks.

Food Made To Appear More Delicious By Gut Hormone

"A gut hormone that causes people to eat more does so by making food appear more desirable, suggests a new report in the May issue of Cell Metabolism, a publication of Cell Press. In a brain imaging study of individuals, the researchers found that reward centers respond more strongly to pictures of food in subjects who had received an infusion of the hormone known as ghrelin."
Although removing the guts of fat people will work to cause weight loss.


Possibly a good idea, as long as we don't have to pay for it.