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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dutch hope to invent foods that prevent obesity

Are they stupid, or not?

First, the "stupid" part...

"Scientists in the Netherlands are developing a new generation of foods that can help prevent obesity by making people eat less, a research institute said on Thursday...

The Dutch public health agency concluded in a research report last ear that poor diet was as deleterious to health as smoking. It said 25 percent of deaths and serious illness caused by overweight and obesity would be avoided if adults shed 3 kg."

3 kg or kilograms equals 6.6 pounds.

So in order to lose 6.6 pounds, the Dutch are "developing a new generation of foods."

Why? And here is the "or not" part...

"'Twenty years ago, the industry was only interested to sell as much as possible. That has changed, the industry now feels responsibility to respond to the health situation,' Brummer said.

'On the other hand, such innovative products have higher margins than those of selling a tomato or a bottle of milk.'"

MONEY. They are developing products that "have higher margins..."

Caveat emptor.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Low-carb diet speeds initial weight loss: study

More flaming idiots with too much research money (greedily asking for more).

Same old, same old.

Of course starvation dieting the Atkins'/South Beach way does this.

And, of course, it does not last.

And, of course, "The researchers say more research is needed..." so they can hear the jingle of research money in their pockets.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ADHD drug use for youth obesity raises ethical questions

Oh, what the heck.

We cut them, mutilate them and rearrange their bodies with surgery.

Why not drug 'em?

Government 'blaming' parents for kids' obesity

Misery loves company.

From that angle, it must be heart-warming to see that in Australia the overweight/obesity apologists also have too much say.

It appears as if the grousing of the entitlementistas is as loud there as it is elsewhere.

These gimmenators from down under fail to see that when you let the horse go to the feeding trough, you cannot prevent it from eating.

The solution is not more from the government.

It has to come from the over-consumer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Troubling TV Health News Trends

You, the consumer, are getting it from all angles. In the diet domain, the results are lost money, time and life.

This is covered in Why Diets Fail: The Simple Mistake That Ruins Millions Of Lives available at

Not only are the gurus, sick care players and government trying to kill you, but the media are their partners.

If you want to survive the sick care system, it is important to know your enemies.

To read the source of this article from CJR, I have provided the URL below.

The following quotes are from the title article:

"In the February issue of Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), Trudy Lieberman writes about TV news stations accepting pre-packaged new stories created by health care behemoths such as the Cleveland Clinic or the Mayo Clinic, creating stories that are 'a hybrid of news and marketing, the likes of which has spread to local TV newsrooms all across the country in a variety of forms, almost like an epidemic. It’s the product of a marriage of the hospitals’ desperate need to compete for lucrative lines of business in our current health system and of TV’s hunger for cheap and easy stories. In some cases the hospitals pay for airtime, a sponsorship, and in others, they don’t but still provide expertise and story ideas. Either way, the result is that too often the hospitals control the story. Viewers who think they are getting news are really getting a form of advertising. And critical stories—hospital infection rates, for example, or medical mistakes or poor care— tend not to be covered in such a cozy atmosphere. The public, which could use real health reporting these days, gets something far less than quality, arms- length journalism.'"

Example - CNN's incredibility:

"On March 10, Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s HouseCall program on CNN featured a story on anxiety disorders, and offered one of those handy self-assessments that allows you to diagnose yourself with almost anything under the sun. Gupta said only one in five people with anxiety disorders get help. Then he offered a self-assessment from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA). He said if you answered yes to any of the questions, you could seek help from your doctor or from ADAA.

He did not mention that the ADAA’s corporate advisory council is made up of drug companies Eli Lilly & Company, Forest Laboratories, Pfizer, Inc. and Wyeth.

On February 6, CNN reported on 'ArteFill, billed as the first permanent filler.' CNN said 'known side effects are minimal.'

But it's easy to find the following on the FDA website:

Side effects of ArteFill® include:
* Lumpiness at injection area more than one month after injection
* Persistent swelling or redness
* Increased sensitivity
* Rash, itching more than 48 hours after injection"

Example - NBC's incredibility:

"And NBC hit the trifecta with three recent stories:

* NBC’s Mike Taibbi getting his lungs scanned for cancer, then personally endorsing the scans. (The benefits of such scans were questioned in a study in JAMA in March.)
* NBC’ s Josh Mankiewicz reporting on the 'benefits' from GlaxoSmithKline ads for a restless leg syndrome drug – ads they featured during the NBC Nightly News.
* NBC using some of its tight 22-minutes of airtime to report on a “laser hair comb” showing a graphic - 'Hair breakthrough?'."

Demand change.

Take back your body.

They will kill you for money.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Diets an unhealthy fix for teen weight concerns

Wipe these nuts off the planet alert!

Here is another pace of imbecile researchers.

"The researchers set out to uncover the reasons why dieting by adolescents has been shown in previous studies to predict later weight gain."

Noble goal, stupid conclusion.

"'We really want to discourage teenagers from dieting," she added..."


Discourage everyone from following expert diet advice (including hers).

Encourage those who desire to or should lose weight to follow good diet advice (i.e., not from gurus, medical centers, doctors, trainers, pharmaceutical companies, the government, etc.)

"The findings suggest, Neumark-Sztainer and her colleagues conclude, that kids who diet are in danger of developing unhealthy physical activity and eating behaviors...

Neumark-Sztainer has written a book for the parents of teens called 'I'm, Like So Fat! Helping your teen make healthy choices about eating and exercise in a weight-obsessed world.'"


The findings confirm that Neuamrk-Sztainer knows not a whit about weight loss, weight management or dieting.

Listen to her drivel at your own risk.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Memory loss fear over obesity ops


Just like they forgot to stop eating, now, post-op, the overweight/obese still forget things.

Thank God, the cure is near.

"'When people who have had weight loss surgery start experiencing any of these symptoms, they need to see a doctor right away,' he said."

The same people who caused the problem are gonna cure it. For a fee, naturally.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Obese couples have tougher time having babies

Arguably, life saving news.

Obese couples have between an 80-90% likelihood of raising obese kids.

Obese kids are likely to develop some pretty bad and potentially deadly diseases, e.g., Type II diabetes, cardiovascular conditions.

Further, obese kids are prone to mental and emotional disturbances.

Maybe there is some cosmic/biological logic at work here to save children from the "sins" of their (potential) parents.

Painless weight loss, 50 calories at a time

More advice from a moron alert!

How does this fool get exposure?

"...theoretically each pound of body fat equals 3,500 calories."

This is no theory. A pound of fat does contain 3500 Calories.

"Cutting 500 calories a day should knock off about a pound a week, while cutting even 250 calories each day will lead to losing a half pound each week."

This is impossible and dead wrong. It is the kind of bad advice experts provide routinely. In my opinion, this is how the diet industry and experts kill people.


Atkins diet beats rivals in weight-loss matchup - Results disappointing overall in head-to-head trial of popular eating plans

Of course none of them worked.

"...critics say the results show how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off."


They are all impossible diets that are unsustainable, as are all popular diets.

Remember, if it is a best-seller, if it was featured on Oprah, The View, any talk show or "news" program (e.g., GMA, Today Show, etc.), it will not work.

True to form, the media sought opinions from Katz and Brownell, two persons whose bona fides to offer diet advice are suspect.

Save yourself from the diet experts. Do not follow their advice. Ever.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Obesity surgery triples among U.S. teens

Child abuse, without doubt. And it doesn't come cheap.

"About 5 percent of children and adults had major complications, mostly respiratory problems. Children spent an average of about 3.2 days in the hospital in 2003, versus 3.5 days for adults. Total hospital charges also were lower for pediatric patients, $30,804 per patient versus $36,056 for adults."

In addition to the abuse, this is almost always an unnecessary procedure.

Since failed dieting is a prerequisite for bariatric surgery, and since almost all diets are designed to fail, no child or adult is given a real opportunity to avoid the knife.

"He had struggled with his weight since he was 11, and said he had tried just about every diet, but nothing worked."

"Everything" except taking in fewer Calories than he burned. That works 100% of the time.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Silliness, parental denial and Brits without stones measuring in stones.

Silliness: "But she points out that individuals do not gain weight for the same reasons."

Sure they do. Weight gain is the result of an energy imbalance.

Parental denial: "Connor's 35-year-old mother, Nicola McKeown, in turn blamed doctors for failing to help the family. 'They've tried to say that I've neglected Connor and he should come under the child abuse act, and I think it's really disgusting,' she told one interviewer. 'Through Connor's weight gain, there's been no-one there to step in.'"

The mother has been there to step-in. She chose not to. "In an alarming description of Connor's life, his family admitted that he eats 'chips with everything' and snacks on 'junk food all day long at the computer.'"

Stones: "Until recently, Connor weighed in at 15st 8lbs, nearly four times the weight of a healthy child of his age."

No stones: "Last week, a child protection conference decided against putting him into care, although doctors warned that he was facing an early death unless he lost lots of weight. Consultant paediatrician Dr Michael Markiewicz said: 'As far as I'm concerned this is a form of child abuse - not intentionally done, but the result is child abuse.'"

Good for this doc (though it must be intentional, but possibly not malicious), bad for Connor and the rest of the kids who are condemned to remaining in toxic homes.

These Brits apparently do not have the stones to do what appears to be right for the child.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Parental guidance suggested?

The unfortunate whimperings of cowardly sick care and social welfare systems.

Referring to the fat English kid situation...

This from the docs:

"'I've seen children that young even heavier, and I am not happy with the approach of thinking of this as primarily parental neglect because there are contributors to childhood [obesity] at every level,' said Dr. Katherine Kaufer Christoffel, director of Children's Memorial Hospital's Center for Obesity Management and Prevention. 'To pick out the family component as the decisive one seems grossly unfair and inaccurate.'

In up to 90 percent of cases, 'parents of most overweight children do not realize they are overweight,' Christoffel said. 'Their eyes are not calibrated that way.'

But when parents refuse to accept child obesity as a health problem, that's "very worrisome," Christoffel said. 'If the doctors say your child has medical problems because he is overweight, and the family says, 'Oh, no, we're all like that and we're not going to talk to you about it,' then your ears perk up.'"

This from social welfare:

"Marlowe said DCFS 'would typically seek to provide services and service links to intact families to help safeguard the child and strengthen the family's capacity to successfully care for their own children.'"

This should make you sick.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kids gain more weight on summer break

Does this put to rest the sleep more, lose weight theory?

On some menus, one plate has 2,000 calories

Okay. So what?

Don't eat it all.

Tell the waitserve person to only bring you half and wrap the other half for take-out.

What's wrong with getting two meals for the price of one? Nothing.

You'll make out like a bandit.

Mother may lose custody of obese boy

"What do you call 20,000 (lawyers, doctors, pick your group) at the bottom of the ocean?" alert!

Weight loss improves heart function in obese

And Yugos run better when they are unhitched from the Airstream.

Where's the news, here?

Spain clothiers to modify fashion sizes

Standardized sizing, yes. But promoting the "social reality of a community"? Sounds like a very slippery slope.

"MADRID, Spain -- Spain's government has reached an agreement with major fashion designers, including the owner of the Zara chain, to standardize women's clothing sizes with the aim of promoting a healthier image. Designers such as Cortefiel, Mango, El Corte Ingles and Inditex, which owns Zara, agreed to take part in the program, which was announced Tuesday.

The program, designed by the Health Ministry, will also prevent those companies from using window displays featuring clothes smaller than a European size 38 (10 in Britain, 8 in the United States). They will have five years to phase in the change.

'It is not reasonable for a modern and advanced society to establish stereotypes of beauty that are far removed from the social reality of a community. It is everyone's commitment that beauty and health go hand in hand,' Health Minister Elena Salgado said at a signing ceremony Tuesday."

Governors Worry over Money for Child Health Program

Governors should worry about why kids are getting fatter and sicker despite what is already being spent.

Spending more is not the answer.

Spending less is.

Stop entitlements for the calorically rich and see how much further the dollars go.

Diet or exercise — which is best to lose weight?

Grammar moron alert! Which is "better," not "best."

"A new study debunks the widely held belief that diet plus exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Researchers report that dieting alone is just as effective as dieting plus exercise."


Dieting is better. Do not believe the study.