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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Greater Weight Gain And Complications During Pregnancy More Of A Risk In Food Insecure Households

Heavier when food is insecure? Seems like a good time to redefine "food insecurity."
Living in a food-insecure household during pregnancy may increase the odds of greater weight gain and pregnancy complications, particularly gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), according to a new study published in the...Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Household food insecurity, the inability to obtain nutritious and safe foods in socially acceptable ways, is increasingly recognized as an independent risk factor for many poor health outcomes among women.

Prior studies have demonstrated that paradoxically, women living in food insecure households report higher rates of overweight and related health complications.
Apparently, since the data are paradoxical, the time to redefine "food insecurity" was a while ago.

Just shows how far the PC food movement will go to "prove" they are right.

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