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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Community Program May Help Some Obese Kids

Heavy kids who took part in a program hosted at community YMCAs were able keep off some extra weight and improved their quality of life, including relationships with peers and functioning at school.

The six-month program - covering diet, physical activity and "screen time" - was a scaled-down version of intensive, clinic-based treatments that have been shown to help obese kids lose weight but at a steep price.

Researchers hope making such interventions cheaper and more convenient means many more families could benefit. But it's been unclear if a less-intensive program would still be effective at helping kids and their families make significant lifestyle changes.

"Despite the high prevalence of childhood obesity, if you're a parent of an obese child, the available treatment programs are few and far between," said Gary Foster, from Temple University in Philadelphia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 17% of U.S. kids and teens are now obese - and heavy kids are more likely to become heavy adults.
Programs are no farther away than the home.

Serve the little dumplings fewer Calories than they burn and the pounds get shed.

If the kid porks him- or her-self with away snacks while away from home, feed the kid even less in the house.

And take away the kid's allowance or decrease it so the money cannot be spent on Calories.

There are no valid excuses for fat kids.

There is only bad parenting.

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