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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kids Recognize That They Eat Too Much Candy During Halloween

So don't let them.
As Halloween approaches, children's views and perceptions were measured by experts and revealed that kids agree that they eat too much candy and would actually prefer to receive a gift like a video game, instead.

A new questionnaire, conducted by the American Dental Association and PopCap Games, targeted trick-or-treating aged children (5 to 13 years) in the U.S., inquiring about their views on Halloween.

The researchers found that around 94 percent of all American children participate in trick-or-treating, and 65 percent of them think Halloween is the best holiday of the year. However, the survey also found that a vast majority of kids are ready for changes regarding the holiday.

Other top findings included: Two-thirds of kids questioned agreed that they eat too much candy during Halloween, while 89 percent reported that they would still like the holiday if it was not candy focused, but rather, aimed towards other types of fun. Ninety-three percent of children surveyed would prefer to receive a video game instead of candy while trick-or-treating.
It is all about the parents.

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