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Monday, August 29, 2011

If Historic Trends Continue, Number Of Obese Adults In US Will Rise By 65 Million And 11 Million In The UK By 2030

But if we stop paying for them, at least the historic trend of going broke will not rise.
The second paper in The Lancet Obesity Series by Dr Y Claire Wang, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University in New York, NY, USA, and Professor Klim McPherson, New College, University of Oxford, UK, and their team evaluate obesity trends in the USA and UK including the impact on prevalence of diseases and cost of healthcare.

According to the authors, the amount of chronic and acute health disorders is linked to excess bodyweight burdening society. It affects the individual's health-related quality of life but also incurs costs to the individual as well as to the society as a whole due to higher cost of health-care and lost productivity.

With currently 99 million obese people in the USA and 15 million in the UK, the two countries represent the highest obesity rates among OECD countries. The trend is set to continue in the coming decades.
Time to enjoy the results of your behavior without the rest of us sharing in the costs.

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