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Monday, November 28, 2011

European Adult Obesity Rates Range From 7.6% To 24.7%

Kudos, Euros.
Obesity rates in Europe have been rising and are now a serious public health concern, even though at a range of 7.6% to 24.7% they are much lower than those in the USA which stand at 26.8% for females and 27.6% for males, says a European Health Interview Survey, published by the statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat.

A person is obese when their BMI (body mass index) is over 30.

The authors reported that, among the 19 European states in this survey, obesity rates are higher among females in eight states, higher among males in ten, and the same in one.
Still better than in the USA.

Still no reason to be proud, however.

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