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Thursday, November 24, 2011

UK elderly's human rights 'being breached': study

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Poor treatment of many elderly people in their own homes is breaching their human rights, says a study of England's home care services.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission report into council-operated home care said there is evidence of a "systematic failure" in the way care is given.

Home care services are used by more than 450,000 older people, around 20 percent of everyone in that age range, but only around half of a sample of people questioned for the study were satisfied with the services they received.

Researchers identified many cases of treatment that they felt breached human rights, including cases of physical and financial abuse.

Key findings included carers neglecting tasks because of time constraints, carers refusing to warm and serve food because of "unfounded" health and safety concerns, money being stolen over a period of time, chronic disregard for older people's privacy and a disregard for clients' dignity when carrying out intimate tasks.
Evidence given to the commission included a woman being left stuck on the toilet in her bathroom, as the care worker said she was too busy completing the list of care tasks to help her.

"The cumulative impact on older people can be profoundly depressing and stressful: tears, frustration, expressions of a desire to die and feelings of being stripped of self-worth and dignity - much of which was avoidable," the report said.
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