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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Physically Fit Boys And Girls Score Higher On Reading And Math

More fat kids are stupider than intended-sized kids.
Having a healthy heart and lungs may be one of the most important factors for middle school students to make good grades in math and reading, according to findings presented at the American Psychological Association's 120th Annual Convention.

"Cardiorespiratory fitness was the only factor that we consistently found to have an impact on both boys' and girls' grades on reading and math tests," said study co-author Trent A. Petrie, PhD, professor of psychology and director of the Center for Sport Psychology at the University of North Texas.

"This provides more evidence that schools need to re-examine any policies that have limited students' involvement in physical education classes."
PE classes will not do squat.

Crappy parents will continue to overfeed their kids.

Holding parents accountable for what they do to their kids is what it will take.

Guess the researchers are fat since they are so stupid.

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