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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Variety Could Boost Veggie Eating

But it will make no difference in fatosity.
Giving people a choice of vegetables at mealtimes got them eating more greens, but not fewer calories, says a new small study.
Though, the fat may crap better because of increased fiber.

And speaking of crap...
Still, Dr. Barbara Rolls of Pennsylvania State University, who co-authored the study, told Reuters Health, "it's exciting to show that you can use variety to increase the intake of healthy foods."
Rolls is the "creator" of the IMHO useless Volumetrics diet plan.

Eat lots of fibery-type stuff to feel stuffed. Doesn't work.

And contrary to Rolls' crap, there are no "healthy" foods, there is only eating healthily.

This lady, Rolls, is out on two strikes.

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