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Friday, September 02, 2011

Health systems overwhelmed by obesity rates - Lancet

Kudos, fatsos.
Scientists have issued a stark warning about the global obesity epidemic, saying that governments have to take drastic action.

The problem has been "escalating for decades, yet long-term prevention efforts have barely begun and are inadequate", according to a new paper from international public health experts published in The Lancet. In a special four-paper series, the latter notes estimates of 1.46 billion adults and 170 million children overweight or obese worldwide in 2008 and "if we continue without successful interventions", the projections for 2030 estimate 65 million more obese adults in the USA and 11 million more in the UK alone. This means an additional 6-8.5 million people with diabetes, 5.7-7.3 million with heart disease and stroke and 492,000-669, 000 with cancer.

The Lancet goes on to say that projected costs to treat these additional preventable diseases are an increase of $48-$66 billion per year in the USA and £1.9-£2 billion per year in the UK. It notes that "health systems everywhere are already struggling to contain costs. Without prevention and control of the risk factors for obesity now, health systems will be overwhelmed to breaking point".
Stop paying.

Stop being overwhelmed.

As sure as night follows day.

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