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Friday, September 16, 2011

Weight Watchers Twice As Effective As Standard Weight Loss Care

Weight Watchers has a dismal record of success.

Weight Watchers does a terrible job.

But this is not inconsistent with the article.
Patients who are referred by their doctors to Weight Watchers were found to lose about twice as much weight as those on standard weight loss care over a 12-month period, researchers from the UK, Germany and Australia reported in The Lancet. The randomized control trial provided compelling evidence that Weight Watchers was twice as effective as a commercial weight-loss program with standard care by GPs (general practitioners, primary care physicians).

Because standard weight loss advice fails nearly 100% of the time.

Weight Watchers claims to be twice as effective.

Two times nothing = nothing.

And it was reported that Weight Watchers contributed to the costs of this study.


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