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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ICAAC: Maggots Make Happy Meal of Diabetic Wounds

Type 2 diabetes is fat person diabetes and this is one treatment I might be willing to consider paying for, even though Type 2 diabetes is an illness of choice.
Diabetic patients facing lower limb amputation because of non-healing lesions may get a leg up from the insect world, a researcher said here.

Biosurgery using the sterile larvae of the green blow-fly (Lucilia sericata) may be an alternative to amputation in many cases, according to Lawrence Eron, MD, of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

In a series of 37 patients with complicated limb wounds, the approach, which used the larvae to debride the lesion, yielded a successful outcome in 27, Eron reported at the Interscience Conference on Anti-Microbial Agents and Chemotherapy.

The larvae, commonly referred to as maggots, only eat "devitalized" tissue, leaving living tissue alone, Eron said. This makes them ideal to clean up diabetic lesions that have not responded to standard therapy with antibiotics.

But the process might someday be useful in patients earlier in the disease course, he told MedPage Today after his oral presentation.

The use of maggots to clean wounds goes back centuries particularly during wartime, but it had fallen out of favor. Now, Eron said, several groups are trying to see if the larvae have a clinical role in modern medicine, and especially in patients with diabetic limb wounds.
Just might be a good way for the fat to learn a lesson and encourage weight loss before releasing the maggots becomes an option.

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