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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Proper Protein Intake Crucial For Moderating Energy Intake, Keeping Obesity At Bay

More data that will doom diets to failure.
Obesity is a growing problem worldwide, but proper protein consumption can help keep it at bay, according to a paper published Oct. 12 in the online journal PLoS ONE. The researchers found that, when subjects were fed a 10% protein diet, they consumed 12% more energy over four days than they did on a 15% protein diet. Moreover, 70% of the increased energy intake on the lower protein diet was attributed to snacking.
People are already innumerate.

If you think they will be able to calculate the 3% difference between "success" and "failure," you have to be an idiot - as these researchers are.

Add to this the fact that it is nigh impossible to control for the percentage of macronutrients in virtually any meal and you have the factors for a 100% losing strategy.

In fact, if you think that the 3% is the difference between success and failure you are a fool.

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