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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maintaining Substantial Weight Loss In Long Term Is Possible Say Researchers


This has to be the dumbest, friggin' stupid, idiotic, piece of s**t research and conclusion in a long time - if not for all time.
While slow weight gain is typical for weight losers, some manage to maintain substantial weight loss in the long term, as much as 10% of initial body weight for ten years, according to a new analysis of data from a registry of successful dieters. Dr Graham Thomas, a researcher at the National Weight Control Registry, presented the results of the analysis at the 29th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Obesity Society, in Orlando, Florida, last week.

Researchers and practitioners are often asked whether it is possible to maintain substantial weight loss in the long term, but because very few weight losers are followed over the long term, the evidence is thin, and there is a perception that it must be very challenging.

Thomas, a clinical psychologist and Research Fellow at Brown Medical School and the Weight Control & Diabetes Research Center of The Miriam Hospital, and colleagues analyzed data from the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), a prospective observational study of individuals who have maintained a weight loss of at least 13.6 kg (30 lbs) for at least 1 year.
Whoever paid for this "research" is an idiot.

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