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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Even After Weight Loss, Female Fat Prejudice Persists

Without addressing the alleged "prejudice," this article is still madness.
Overweight women may never escape the painful stigma of obesity - even after they have shed the pounds, new research suggests.
They remain fat, i.e., "overweight."

And here is some real stupidity:
Co-author, Dr Kerry O'Brien, from the University of Manchester's School of Psychological Sciences and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, said: "The message we often hear from society is that weight is highly controllable, but the best science in the obesity field at the moment suggests that one's physiology and genetics, as well as the food environment, are the really big players in one's weight status and weight-loss.

"Weight status actually appears rather uncontrollable, regardless of one's willpower, knowledge, and dedication. Yet many people who are perceived as 'fat' are struggling in vain to lose weight in order to escape this painful social stigma. We need to rethink our approaches to, and views of, weight and obesity."
Let's see if this idiot can demonstrate a single entity that will not lose weight if it consumes fewer Calories than it burns.

Got the willpower to eat fewer Calories than you burn?

If so, you will lose weight.

100% certainty.

You have complete control.

What's likely is that the researchers have no control over how moronic they are.

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