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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Childhood Obesity Linked to Stiff Arteries

Fat parents have fat kids. More nutritional child abuse.
Children with more body fat and less endurance than their fitter, leaner counterparts have stiffer arteries at a young age, Medical College of Georgia researchers said.

Stiff arteries are a hallmark of atherosclerosis, a typically adult condition in which blood vessels become clogged.
"When children at such a young age start getting diseases only adults used to get, it's like the sky is falling," said Dr. Catherine L. Davis, clinical health psychologist in MCG's Georgia Prevention Institute and principal investigator on the study. The findings were presented during the 31st Annual Society of Behavioral Medicine Meeting.
And, like Chicken Little, the law-breakers in the sick care and education professions just run around in circles yelling, "The sky is falling."

Kudos fatsos.

Kudos child abuse enablers.

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