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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pricey grocery stores attract skinniest shoppers

Wrong observation, wrong conclusion. Par for the course. See the article above.
The percentage of food shoppers who are obese is almost 10 times higher at low-cost grocery stores compared with upscale markets, a small new study shows.

Researchers say the striking findings underscore poverty as a key factor in America’s growing girth.
Although I almost never shop at Whore Foods, I do see them frequently in places where I do my real shopping.

Admittedly, this is anecdotal, but in all my trips to places where there are Whore Foods, the shoppers waddling in and out are still too damn big at a high rate that rivals the less chi-chi, less highfalutin places I frequent or visit.

Clearly, it is not the food at this rip-off store, and its ilk, as the data remain clear that "organic" foods are no "healthier" than "non-organic" foods.

So spending more on the kinds of food sold at these high-end, rip-off stores does not make you slim, and by implication/extension, healthier.

Lower income, by the way, is associated with being less educated. Perhaps, if there is a difference in fatsoness between the wealthier and the poorer, it may be due to the higher incidence of not as smart/educated among the poorer folk.

But this is perhaps not the case since in the developing world where there is less wealth than in the developed world, rates of overweight/obesity are, in general, lower.

(It is of some note that the articles addressed the high-endedness of the store, but not how much people spent on Calories, i.e., the alleged/implied "poorer" may actually spend as much on Calories as the alleged/implied wealthier.)

So we have ruled-out rip-off foods as a cause or cure. You can decide if fat, poorer people are bigger morons than skinny wealthier people. You can also decide if fat, wealthy people are the most stupid of all since they are so stupid that they overcame the implied benefits of bucks.

When you have come to your conclusions, consider these real issues/truths.

First, overweight/obesity causes poverty. This is known as poveresity.

Second, expert diet advice makes weight loss for rich and poor alike impossible. To wit, AdipOprah - a really rich, really fat person who can buy Whore Foods.

Third, the First Fatty, Michellesie "The Cow" Obama can shop at Whore Foods and look what wealth (it is not recent) has done for her figure:

Fourth, witness the embarrassment known as the Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin. She can afford Whore Foods and she is another cow:

And, fifth, take Kelly Brownell, the guru of the anti-junk food movement. He can afford Whore Foods.

This is Kelly Brownell, the FAT, anti-junk food crusader:

Unless one is brain dead stupid, he or she has to realize that the expert's advice and conclusions simply do not add up to what happens in the real world.

Except for keeping people fat. Their advice adds up to more Calories on the body.

Which means that these are the people who are keeping/making you sick and, IMHO, making you die after needless suffering.

It is not about Whore Foods. It is not about money. It is not about school lunches. It is only about Calories in, Calories out.


To be fair, in defense of the article the title might be construed as correct. These stores may attract the skinniest shoppers. They do not cause the shoppers to be skinny.

I do not believe this is what the authors had in mind, however.

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