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Sunday, August 05, 2012

American Diet Fuelling Heart Disease And Diabetes Rates In Southeast Asia

Wrong focus.
As Southeast Asians embrace American fast foods, such as pizza, french fries, hot dogs and hamburgers, more are dying prematurely form coronary heart disease and developing diabetes type 2, researchers from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and the National University of Singapore reported in the journal Circulation. The authors say that attention should be focused on the impact of behavioral and dietary changes that take place when cultures interact.

The researchers found that Chinese adults who live in Singapore and consume American-style fast foods, on average, twice each week, had a 56% higher risk of dying from heart disease and a 27% greater chance of developing diabetes type 2, compared to their counterparts who never ate American-style junk foods. Those who ate fast foods at least four times per week were 80% more likely to die from coronary heart disease...

It's clear that the increasing obesity in North America and Europe is a product of diet and lifestyle and concerns are mounting about looming health implications for future generations, with some predicting an avalanche of type two diabetes and cardiovascular problems over the next few decades. Clearly, this problem is not confined to Caucasians, it's simply a question of cultural and dietary habits that can weigh heavily on the health.
Focus on the number of Calories, not the sources.

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