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Monday, August 13, 2012

Obese Kids as Bright as Thinner Peers

According to the article, No They're Not.
"Based on a simple correlation between children's obesity as measured by their fat mass and their exam results, we found that heavier children did do slightly worse in school," Dr Scholder points out. "But, when we used children's genetic markers to account for potentially other factors, we found no evidence that obesity causally affects exam results. So, we conclude that obesity is not a major factor affecting children's educational outcomes."

"Clearly there are reasons why there are differences in educational outcomes, but our research shows that obesity is not one of them," Dr Scholder argues"

" sllightly worse," "not a major factor," and "differences in educational outcomes."

Sounds an awful lot like fat kids are stupider, just like the researchers.

Besides, being fat is evidence of stupidity, certainly parental and possibly the kid, depending on age.

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