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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Global Action Must Be Taken To Stop Physical Inactivity

The fifth and final paper in The Lancet Series on physical inactivity explained that because of the global reach, high prevalence, and colossal harms of inactivity, it should be considered pandemic.

Harold W. Kohl, III, leading author and from the University of Texas Health School of Public Health, said:

"The role of physical inactivity continues to be undervalued despite evidence of its protective effects being available for more than 60 years and the evident cost burden posed by present levels of physical inactivity globally."

He added how worse it is that people's response to physical inactivity has been unfocused, incomplete, and unquestionably understaffed and underfunded. Other risk factors for non-communicable diseases are taken more seriously, are paid much more attention to, and receive much more funding. The effect of this tardiness, he said, has been putting physical activity in reverse gear compared with population trends and improvements in alcohol and tobacco control and diet.

Unfortunately, in both developed and developing countries, national programs to help people change their current lifestyles into more energetic ones meeting the recommended activity levels, is still very limited. Even though almost 3 quarters of World Heath Organization (WHO) member states have plans to improve physical activity, just 55% of those plans are effective and 42% are funded and effective.

Kohl and colleagues explained in order to address physical inactivity as a real public health concern, a lot of work still needs to be done. "Substantial improvements in the infrastructure of planning and policy, leadership and advocacy, workforce training and surveillance must be realized."
F**k you.

With certainty, physical activity is the most inefficient way to control weight.

And if people wanted to engage in more activity, there are always ways to do it without the rest of us underwriting shiny objects that the fat won't use anyway.

These folks are dangerous morons and should be prevented from polluting the broadcast media with their detritus.

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