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Friday, November 02, 2012

Doctor under fire for refusing to treat 200lb woman on grounds that too many staff are injured by obese patients

Poor fat f**k wants to reintroduce the institution of slavery.
A doctor in Worcester, Massachusetts has been branded 'uncaring' after turning away an obese woman who came to her for treatment. Dr Helen Carter, an award-winning primary care physician and internist, has been refusing to treat overweight patients since the spring in efforts to protect staff that she says have too often been injured by them.

But while admitting that her weight does fluctuate over 200lbs, rejected patient Ida Davidson has hit back at the doctor saying her attitude is disappointing.

Speaking to Boston's WCVB, the middle-aged woman recalled her visit to Dr Carter's practice: 'She's like, "You gained weight, are your feet swollen, are your feet swollen?" I said "No." 'She was really obsessed about the whole thing and me being in her office and she didn't want to care for me.'

Defending her refusal of treatment, Dr Carter explained calmly: 'After three consecutive injuries [with other patients] trying to care for people over 250 pounds, my office is unable to accommodate a certain weight and we put a limit on it.'

And according to the American Medical Association's Council on Ethics and Judicial Affairs, she is well within her legal and ethical rights to do just that.

Both patients and physicians should be able to exercise freedom in whom to enter into a patient-physician relationship,' policy documents read. 'Physicians do not give up their freedom of association by merely becoming professionals.'
Forced personal service is slavery.

Force feeding yourself is stupidity.

I am forced to say f**k you.

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