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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gastric Bypass Moves 'Beyond the Realms' of Cosmetic Surgery

As long as it moves beyond "the rest of us have to pay for it" realm into the "fat person pays for it him- or her- self," go for it.
Bariatric surgery significantly reduces several risk factors for cardiovascular disease and improves the structure and function of the heart, according to the largest-ever meta-analysis of the subject involving almost 20 000 patients followed up for a mean of almost five years.

"The magnitude of effect on cardiovascular risk factors is impressive, and to date no pharmacological therapy for weight management or diabetes has shown a comparable effect over these short time periods," say Dr Amanda Vest (Cleveland Clinic, OH) and colleagues in their paper published Heart. "These observations have elevated bariatric surgery beyond the realms of a cosmetic procedure and into the spectrum of interventions demonstrating efficacy in preventing CV events."
Until then, it remains in the "experience the consequences of your choices fatso" realm, where it belongs.

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