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Monday, December 31, 2012

Oprah and Bob Greene Scamming The Public - Again

The headline links to the Oprahcide or Death By Oprah website.

Here is a picture of Bob and an Oprah that never existed in reality:

I am clear that, IMHO, Oprah and Bob are two of the leaders in the nutritional homicide movement. There are others, like Mehmet Oz, IMHO.

But what is so grossly apparently dishonest, is the Photoshopped image of AdipOprah.

Her entry into the fitness/weight loss domain is like the book Animal Farm.

The pig is in charge.

She claims to be all about integrity, but it is clear to me that she is a dishonest person who has a profit-motivated integrity of convenience that is basically the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her Photoshop.

This is how Oprah really looks.

Big and fat and with chinny chin chins.

And big thighs and fat ass.

To see more images of AdipOprah and how she really looks following Bob's and Oprah's Best Life Diet, go:
The images above cover the period of time from around the release of their book, December 26, 2006, until just about the present.

But when you are a whore for the money, well, truth in extra-large packaging goes out the door.

However, "Sale Pricing" does not.

Here is a new "deal" Bob and The Killer Queen of Daytime TV are offering.

One look at the real Oprah - same faked image.

One look at the real Oprah - same doomed to fail advice.

One look at the real Oprah - same guaranteed to make you poorer and them richer scam.

This is how The Best Life Diet is described at
"From the bestselling author of Get With the Program! and Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover comes The Best Life Diet, a lifetime plan for losing weight and keeping it off. Bob Greene helped Oprah achieve her dramatic weight loss, and he can help you too. You'll eat the same delicious food that Oprah enjoys, and, just like Oprah, you'll have Bob to encourage you at every step."
Just like he did for Oprah! (see images and image links above, in case you have forgotten how good Bob is and/or how fat Oprah is)

Shame on her.

She should be ashamed but I suspect she is not.

If she ever had an ounce of shame, it has likely been replaced by pounds of fat.

In Oprah's own words:
"Excerpt from The Best Life Diet (sic) - by Oprah Winfrey

You cannot ever live the life of your dreams without coming face to face with the truth. Every unwanted pound creates another layer of lies."

And Oprah is the multi-layered liar.

Laughing all the way to the bank with your money.

To find out more about what I believe is going on, read the FTC complaint filed regarding her and Bob. It is available here.


Sarah said...

More recent picture of Ms. O.

Michael Applebaum, MD, JD, FCLM said...

Thank you, Sarah, and welcome to Fitness Watch.

Paul and Anne said...

I found this article to hilarious as well as very informative! Great "outside" the box thinking!

Michael Applebaum, MD, JD, FCLM said...

Hello, Paul and Anne. Welcome to Fitness Watch.

For more about Oprah and her IMHO fraudulent/deceptive behaviors visit and read the FTC complaints I filed regarding her.

To the other readers of Fitness Watch, I am neither affiliated with Paul and Anne's venture/services, nor do I endorse it/them in any way.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Bob Greene is a crappy trainer and I can't believe he's able to show his face...I mean, if I were in his shoes, i'd feel like a failure to have a client repeatedly yo-yo dieting and never maintaining her results.

They are both greedy peeps abusing the misguided public! :D

I hate saying this, because i'm not a fan of her either...but if we're talking "celebrity" trainers...I would LOVE to see Jillian Michaels get her claws into the big O! Of course, she'd get fired in the first five minutes...but...

Great blog!

Michael Applebaum, MD, JD, FCLM said...

Hello, fitprosarah, and welcome to Fitness Watch.

Thank you for your kind words about

For more about Oprah and her IMHO fraudulent/deceptive behaviors visit and read the FTC complaints I filed regarding her and Bob Greene.

In April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month in the USA, Fitness Watch will be running a series on Nutritional Child Abuse with "30 tips and facts in 30 days."

If this is a topic of interest to you or people you know, please stop by or mention it to them.

IMHO, Oprah and Bob with their bad advice, contribute to nutritional child abuse, since fat parents have fat kids and adults who cannot control their Calories can't do it for their kids, either.

Helping the kids is important to me.

Again, thanks for visiting.