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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

How Self-Discipline Works And How We Might Boost It

It works just great, thank you.
Converging scientific evidence - not to mention a great deal of life experience - tells us that self-control is an important ability. It helps us keep our cool, get things done, and resist the things that tempt us. Scientists believe that gaining a clearer understanding of how self-control works could provide critical insights into addressing some of the large-scale problems facing society today, including obesity and addiction.

Numerous studies have found evidence for the idea of self-control as a limited resource, but emerging research suggests that this model may not tell the whole story. Research published in the journals of the Association for Psychological Science explores the various mechanisms - metabolic, cognitive, motivational, affective - thought to underlie self-control.
But instead of reading the mumbo-jumbo studies, just to it.

Especially if you are a fatty. More especially if you are a fatty with family.

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