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Monday, December 31, 2012

Small Easy Changes Can Lead to Sustainable Weight Loss and Healthier Eating Habits

Not quite.
These results confirm that small, consistent changes in our daily eating behavior can result in gradual weight loss and developing healthier eating habits. However, they also show that it is a challenge for many people to stick to a program for a long period of time. So what does this mean for someone wanting to lose weight or eat healthier? It means that finding an initial set of tips that are relevant and doable for you can be enough to learn the general principle, later come up with your own changes and succeed at reaching your goal!
Note that the conclusion is for "small, consistent changes," not "easy" changes.

Fact is, there is a big difference between small and easy.

For most, easy is not so easy when it comes to the changes needed to lose weight.

This should be told to any prospective dieter up front.

That way disappointment and frustration have the potential to be avoided as best as possible.

Do not expect "easy."

Expect possible and doable.

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